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10 fantastic STEM gifts for kids

You are looking for STEM Gift IdeasWe've been lucky enough to try some fantastic products over the past few years. Here are some of our favorites.

STEM Gifts for Kids Ages 10 and Up

Water rocket kit

TO Water rocket kit It's always fun! Please note that you will need a plastic bottle and a bicycle pump to use it. A large empty space is also essential!

Once you've learned how to launch them, you can try adding decorations and maybe some extra weight to investigate how it changes the flight of the rocket.

Water rocket kit

Human anatomy models

Learning Resources has some brilliant resources human anatomy modelsWe had a lot of fun learning about the different body parts together, and the information book that comes with each one is very instructive. They are a little tricky to put together, but look great once put together.

Learning Resources Anatomical model of the human heart and torso

Microscope and camera kit

Some gifts are timeless and some microscope It is one, although this premium version is much easier to use than the microscope from my childhood. It comes with a digital camera eyepiece, which makes it very easy to use, and means you can save and share images easily!

Read my Complete Microscope Review here.

Amscope Premium Microscope in Box

National Geographic Fossil Kits

National Geographic has some Fantastic fossil and rock kits. Available. We have tested a few of them and they make a great gift for any budding geologist.

National Geographic Rocks and Fossils Kit

STEM Gifts for Kids Ages 10 and Under

Stomp Rocket

TO Stomp Rocket This is a fantastic gift! My five year old has one of these on his Christmas list this year!

Stomp Rocket, STEM Gift

Erupting volcano

Another great find this year is this volcano model From Learning Resources. It splits in half so you can see the inside of a volcano and has a handy bowl in the middle to hold the baking soda and vinegar mixture.

multicoloured volcanic eruption

Test tubes and droppers

We love these great kids. Test tubes of Learning Resources and the giant dropper It would be a great addition. They are great for all sorts of science activities or just general messy science play.

Learning resources

STEM dolls for kids

Lottie dolls We have a great STEM range, perfect for inspiring imaginative play. We love that the dolls are so child-friendly and perfectly sized for little hands. There are lots of different accessories available too! Stargazer Lottie is my favourite.

Lottie butterfly protector

Hexadecimal insects

How about a little? hexadecimal errors To make these Fun spinning pens Or a hexbug maze?

Drawing with hexbugs

Magnetic formers

My 5 year old son loves his Magnetic formers and spends hours building towers and bridges for his cars. We have had Magformers at home for many years now; they are worth investing in if you have small children.

Magnetic formers

We are also big fans of connectThis ball race set is one of our favorites! It can be a little tricky to build, but it is stable once done and stores away well when not in use.

connetix token box

Marble Runs

We have this marble run from HABA, which is fantastic. There are lots of add-ons available, so it's an endless source of gift inspiration, but it is a bit pricey.

HABA wooden marble run

Magnet Kits

My favorite Magnet kit This one is from Learning Resources. It comes with magnets in different sizes and shapes, plus magnetic chips and marbles!

This is another kit that we have used for years and years.

Magnet game

Drilling buddies

My 3 year old son loves his Drill Buddies truck and Space rocket from Learning Resources. It took him a few tries to get the hang of it and he was so excited when he could do it on his own. They have been a great addition to our toy closet.

Learning Resources Training Partners Game
Learning Resources Exercise Partner Set

I hope I can get it for you Number Block Set for Christmas from Learning Resources.

Construction toys

LEGO is great for all kinds of experiments and is great for imaginative play, logic, fine motor skills and generally just great fun! We love the big boxes of bricks and the themed sets. Zoo and K'Nex They are also ideal for building.

Science books

If your kids love good science books, I have some brilliant science book Recommendations here, including my own. This is rocket science.

Image from the book This Is Rocket Science

Which Science Kits What team or equipment would you recommend? And which is your favorite? STEM Gift give?

Don't forget to visit our Christmas Science E-Bookcontaining 12 printable Christmas-themed experiments.

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