July 18, 2024
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10 Hands-on Activities with Soccer Stems for Kids

Euro 2024 is about to begin, which seems like a good time to share some football-themed science experiments and STEM Sports Challenges.

These ten practices soccer STEM activities will keep kids interested and learning as they explore the science behind the game. They are perfect for a week of school sports or for science fun at home in the garden.

Bouncing balls

Discover why do balls bounce with a simple scientific investigation using balls of different sizes and shapes.

basketball, rugby and tennis for scientific research

Waterproofing a soccer ball

Learn about waterproof and non-waterproof materials with a simple waterproofing a scientific football activity. The idea is to cover a drawing of a soccer boot with different materials and spray each one with water to find out which is the most waterproof.

Waterproof football boot scientific activity.  Paper, cardboard, plastic, etc. is attached.  to a colored drawing of a football image.  Water has been sprayed on it.
Waterproof football boot scientific activity.

Design a dream soccer boot

Draw and design a football boot of the future, thinking about the materials to be used, their properties and the characteristics and benefits of each aspect of the design.

Design dream football boots thinking about materials, features and performance.
design a soccer boot template

Build a mini soccer kicking machine

We built a mini soccer kicking machine using popsicle sticks and a wooden skewer. The boot at the end of the movable center stick can kick the table tennis ball!

I turned this into an investigation by adding clay to the swinging shoe to determine if the extra mass caused the soccer boot to push the ball further.

STEM challenge swinging soccer boot

Soccer Goal STEM Challenge

Make a soccer goal out of a cardboard box and add a moving goalie! We attached a popsicle stick to a cardboard cutout and made a long cut in the back of the box so it could move.

Exercise and heart rate.

Discover how exercise affects heart rate with simple scientific research.

Football-Themed Heart Rate Scientific Research Instructions
Table of results of scientific research on football-themed heart rate

Build a mini foosball table

JDaniel4's mom has a great diy mini foosball table. This would make a brilliant team-building STEM challenge, and a full-scale version would be amazing!

Test reaction time

Footballers need to be able to react very quickly. Can Test your reaction times using a ruler. with a simple scientific activity.

Soccer-themed reaction time research.
Soccer-Themed Reaction Time Research Results Table

Individual activities can be downloaded for free above or, if you'd like a handy pack of five in one place, click the link below.

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