July 17, 2024
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AMD's Ryzen 9 9950X 'Zen 5' shows great efficiency and beats Intel with lower power consumption

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Early Benchmarks for AMD's upcoming Ryzen 9 9950X CPU are nothing short of impressive and showcase the potential of the Zen 5 architecture. This 16-core flagship chip looks to be a powerhouse in multi-threaded tasks, particularly considering its impressive efficiency.

Benchmarks leaked by AnandTech forum member Igor_kavinski reveal how the Ryzen 9 9950X performs at different power levels within the Blender benchmark. The most intriguing results come from the 120W configuration. It’s important to note that this is an engineering sample (ES), meaning the final retail version could have slightly higher clock speeds.

Zen 5 excels despite power limitations

Even with this limitation, the ES chip hit a clock speed of 5220 MHz, still below its official boost clock of 5700 MHz. Despite the lower clock speeds, the 120W Ryzen 9 9950X managed to stay cool, reaching a maximum temperature of just 55 °C. More importantly, it never exceeded its 120 W power limit.

AMD Ryzen 9 9950X benchmarks: Image source: Igor_Kavinski (Anandtech Forums)

This is where things get interesting. In Blender's Monster test, the 120W Ryzen 9 9950X ES CPU goes up against the Intel Core i9-14900KEven more impressive, it outperforms the Intel chip in the Junkshop and Classroom tests. This performance is particularly notable when you consider that the Intel CPU is running at its maximum power, while the AMD chip achieves similar results with significantly lower power consumption.

The efficiency improvements become even more apparent when comparing the 120W configuration to the 90W version. The 120W configuration offers a nearly 19% performance increase while consuming only 33% more power. This suggests that the Zen 5 architecture offers a significant leap in efficiency over previous generations.

9950X benchmarks paint a promising picture

These early benchmarks paint a promising picture for AMD's Upcoming Ryzen 9000 LineupWith a retail launch planned for later this month, we can anticipate a flurry of reviews and testing in the coming weeks. Based on these initial results, however, the Ryzen 9 9950X appears to be a strong contender in the high-performance CPU market, particularly for users who prioritize efficiency alongside raw power.

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