July 17, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

An update just fixed Quest 3's biggest mixed reality issue

What you need to know

  • The Meta Quest 3 June v66 update fixes issues with mixed reality motion capture.
  • Moving objects using the headset's cameras no longer “warp” the environment around them.
  • This builds on recent HDR improvements in mixed reality vision, bringing the Quest 3's mixed reality quality closer to Apple Vision Pro standards.

One of the distinctive features of the Meta Quest 3 is its color vision that allows users to see the room around them even while wearing the headset. While the Meta substantially improved passing quality compared to the Quest 2 and Quest Pro, moving objects still had almost nausea-inducing deformation around them.

Thankfully, Meta Quest 3 v66 Update solves this problem by almost completely eliminating the warping that affected previous firmware versions. Moving objects, such as your hands or even your smartphone, will no longer deform the area around them as they did before. goal previously improved pass capture quality in the April v64 update and this is based on that update.

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