July 17, 2024
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As Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event approaches, here's everything we expect to see

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We're halfway through 2024, which means another Galaxy Unpacked event from Samsung is just around the corner. Tech experts looking to get the latest news on what Samsung has in store for the coming months should not miss these conferences. The last Unpacked, in January, gave us the official release dates for new devices like the Galaxy S24 range – but what can we expect next?

Given the diverse range of Samsung products that fall under the “Galaxy” umbrella, the conference could be packed with potential products. These are the most likely items we think will be displayed.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 47mm black

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra

There have been a series of Samsung Galaxy Watch leaks in recent days, which raises a potential announcement in the near future. Although the leaks don't necessarily correlate with imminent product launches, the amount of information we already have about the new Galaxy Watch range puts it comfortably close to a launch. The new watches feature more impressive processors and impressive prices, seemingly targeting a premium adjacent market like Apple's Watch range. Smart Watches does.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Another curious Samsung wearable that has recently gained traction is the Samsung Galaxy Ring, an extremely wearable smart ring, capable of doing the same thing as a smart watch. It was first revealed at January's Unpacked event, and while little is known about it, we're expecting a much more complex version of the smart ring archetype, capable of doing much more than just monitoring blood pressure and heart rate.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung is one of the few companies dedicated to manufacturing folding smartphones. While Apple is happy with the smartphone's sleek singular design, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold range is among the best foldable phones for its greater versatility. Opening outward like a book, we expect a new version of the Z Fold series to introduce more features and improve existing ones, although, like many other smartphone models, we don't expect major innovation.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

Much more exciting, in our opinion, is the prospect Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. Also plagued by leaks, we've already heard some information about this new smartphone, such as a possible 50 MP camera, an OLED display, and AI-powered processing, and it's enough to get us excited. Folding up in the vein of a classic flip phone, this is our preferred style of Samsung Galaxy smartphone, and we can't wait to get our hands on it.

When is the Samsung Galaxy unpacked?

The next question on everyone's mind is when We will see all these new devices. We expect to see a second Galaxy Unpacked event mid-year, usually between July and August – although given that we are approaching the end of June and there has been no announcement, we predict that will probably be the end of that time period.

Samsung has been besieged by leaks in recent weeks and, in some ways, has stolen the spotlight from any possible product launch. Still, it will be interesting to see what happens with the formal announcement, as release dates are yet to be confirmed.

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