July 17, 2024
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AutoFull Announces M6 Gaming Chair with Ventilated and Heated Seat Cushion

In the competitive world of gaming chairs, AutoFull stands out for offering the best in comfort and support for gamers. Gamers around the world struggle with poor posture and discomfort due to long hours of gaming or working. Announcing the AutoFull M6 gaming chair, the unique design and superior performance of the AutoFull M6 offers the perfect solution. By delving into the technology and innovative features of the AutoFull M6 gaming chair, it becomes clear why the AutoFull M6 is the market leader and surpasses most competitors.

AutoFull M6 Gaming Chair

Heating and ventilation cushion.
Traditional gaming chairs typically combine foam and leather, which can become hot and sticky during long summer sessions. To solve this problem, AutoFull has creatively integrated air conditioning-like temperature control into its gaming chair. The heating and ventilation cushion uses both heating and cooling elements, with built-in dual fans that can reduce the seat temperature by up to 56% at the highest setting, making it perfect for hot summer days. Additionally, AutoFull has addressed winter needs with two heating sheets that can increase the seat temperature by about 67%, keeping you warm during cold winters.

AutoFull M6 Gaming Chair

6D Folding Mechanical Armrest
The AutoFull M6 features the AutoFull series’ exclusive 6D foldable mechanical armrests, designed for gamers who spend long hours sitting. These sturdy armrests offer six-dimensional adjustments, allowing gamers to seamlessly switch between different gaming modes and adapt to various scenarios for optimal support.

Thanks to its six-dimensional adjustability, gamers can adapt the armrests to their specific needs. Whether playing mobile, PC, or console games, gamers can customize their seating position for maximum comfort. This custom fit helps relieve physical fatigue and discomfort, improving the overall gaming experience.

AutoFull M6 Gaming Chair AutoFull M6 Gaming Chair

Ultra soft porous leather
Traditional gaming chairs typically use PU leather. Recognizing that users spend long hours working or gaming, AutoFull has equipped its new model with ultra-soft porous leather. This unique perforated design, in combination with the heated and ventilated cushion, significantly improves the heat and sweat issues common in traditional gaming chairs.

The breathable leather effectively reduces the temperature of the chair surface, offering a cooler sitting experience. The perforated design improves air circulation and reduces heat buildup on the chair surface. Additionally, the ventilation function of the heated and ventilated cushion further increases breathability, allowing air to flow across the surface of the chair and carry away moisture and body heat. This design significantly reduces discomfort, providing a more comfortable gaming environment.

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