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Awesome Easter STEM Challenges: Science Experiments for Kids

Easter is approaching, so it seems like the perfect time to try some of our Easter STEM Challenges! We've been busy testing these out over the past few weeks and would LOVE to see your little scientists' creations, so share photos with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I also have 100 easier ones. everyday science and STEM activities you may like.

Best advice for STEM challenges

My biggest tip for a successful STEM challenge is to keep it simple. Simple STEM challenges are much easier for kids to complete and as a parent I know how difficult it can be if you need to go out and buy a lot. scientific materials.

Easter STEM Challenges

Eggy Zip Line

The idea behind this activity is to build a harness to carry a egg for a zip line. This is a great activity to learn about friction and changing gradients. To investigate, try changing the type of rope used to make the zipline. A rougher rope means more friction between the harness and the zipline.

Pipe cleaner used as a harness for a chocolate egg.

save the egg

For this activity, children must wrap an egg so well that it survives falling down the egg chute. We used a long cardboard tube, but if you don't have a tube, drop it from shoulder height.

This is also a great activity to use recycled materials.

Egg Chute - Easter STEM Challenge.  Wrap an egg in different materials and drop it down a cardboard egg chute!

What does it weigh?

Find out how many plastic eggs weigh as much as a chocolate egg, using a small scale. Children can also measure eggs and compare them.

weighing chocolate eggs as an Easter-themed STEM challenge

Magnet-driven egg cars

Put a magnet inside a plastic egg and use it. magnet power make a car move. This is a brilliantly simple Easter STEM challenge!

STEM Challenge Magnetic Cars

Eggy Toothpick Towers

Attempt build a tower Strong enough to hold an egg using just chopsticks and playdough.

Egg Pick Towers for an Easter STEM Challenge

Catapult an egg

Can you build a handmade stick catapult Catapult a plastic egg? We've also been making egg-shaped targets to shoot at eggs!

Easter catapult made with wooden sticks

Egg chain reaction

We love doing chain reactions! For this version of Easter, we created a chain reaction using a chocolate egg instead of a ball. We used dominoes, a plastic tube, and a toy car, but you can use anything you have at home.

A Chain Reaction is a great open-ended STEM challenge with lots of opportunities to be creative and inventive.

Egg chain reaction for kids with dominoes and a plastic tube.

Pneumatic opening egg

As simple as that Pneumatics-based STEM challenge Use two syringes and a piece of plastic tubing to open a shoe box decorated like a chick inside an egg.

chick egg opening - pneumatics project.  Two syringes and a piece of plastic tubing are used to open a chicken egg in a shoe box.

Finally, I created a set of simple Printable Easter STEM Challenge Cards you may like!

More Easter STEM Challenge Ideas

The Educator's Spin On It shows you how to build egg towers.

Inspiration Laboratories has fun Egg throwing activity..

Find out how many helium balloons it would take to lift an empty egg and then an egg with something inside.

Can you hide different objects inside plastic eggs and ask a friend if they can guess what's inside by the noise it makes?

Or try one of my others Science Easter Ideas.

You can think of something else egg STEM challenges?

collage of fun Easter STEM challenges including toothpick towers, popsicle stick catapults, and egg cars

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