July 15, 2024
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Biden administration may ban Kaspersky software in the US

The US government is expected to announce a ban on the sale of software from Russia-based Kaspersky Labs on Thursday, June 20. This measure comes at a time of tensions with Moscow. continue climbingmaking Kaspersky's position as a supplier of critical cybersecurity products in the US untenable. The company's close ties to the Russian government mean it will not be allowed to sell software to US companies, and additional trade restrictions could apply. that would leave Kaspersky out of other markets.

According According to a Reuters report, the Biden administration is concerned about Kaspersky's role in critical infrastructure. Numerous state and local governments use the company's products to protect their systems, but the feds believe the Russian government may have had influence over the company and could use it to gather intelligence or sabotage computer systems.

This move is not entirely unprecedented: Russian hackers used Kaspersky software in 2015 to access an NSA contractor's computer, and the US Department of Homeland Security banned it from US government networks. USA in 2017 after the email release who show a cozy relationship with Russian intelligence. Canada banned Kaspersky software on government devices last year, citing unacceptable security risks.

kaspersky bear

The Biden administration doesn't think Kaspersky is cute, despite this charming mascot.
Credit: Kaspersky

The measure proposed by the United States would go beyond a sales ban. The company's operations in Russia are already subject to strict export restrictions due to the war in Ukraine, but foreign units have been able to continue operating in the United States. A source told Reuters that the administration intends to cripple Kaspersky by adding it to the Commerce Department's Entity List. This tool was used to Huawei ball joint a few years ago, just as it was rising to become the world's largest smartphone maker. This effectively isolated the company from the US market and ruined its supply chain.

Following this action, even non-US companies that use US technology would be forced to cut their ties with Kaspersky. The ban would cover Kaspersky itself, as well as any white label products that use Kaspersky software. For its part, Kaspersky has indicated in the past that it is an independent company and does not obey orders from Moscow, but has not responded to the latest report.

If the government goes all the way to block Kaspersky, the trade embargo will go into effect on September 29, 100 days after it was published. Since the company would no longer be allowed to sell or even upgrade its security products, the grace period allows companies and the US government to transition to alternative products. However, the policies that allow this action are relatively new and it is possible that the courts will prevent the administration from targeting Kaspersky.

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