July 18, 2024
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Bleach: Brave Souls is a faithful action experience with over 600 playable characters


  • Collect and play with over 600 characters, many in never-before-seen outfits.
  • Enjoy a story mode that allows you to relive Ichigo's adventures.
  • Play alone or with up to 5 friends to defeat formidable enemies.

Hello Bleach fans! We are happy to announce that starting today, our 3D action game Bleach: brave souls It is available on Xbox consoles.

As Bleach fans, we dreamed of what it would be like to be able to play with so many of its characters in a single game. To that end, each character in Bleach: brave souls He has a voice and a special move that shows his prowess in battle. You can take control of Ichigo and use his Getsugatensho to traverse the battlefield, choose Uryu to shoot enemies from afar with a Quincy bow, or choose from many, many more.

Bleach Brave Souls Screenshot

How does Bleach: Brave Souls work?

In Bleach: brave souls, you'll take on enemies in a variety of single-player and co-op missions using normal attacks, strong attacks, and a special move that can often deal devastating damage. However, button mashing isn't always the answer: you'll have to evade attacks using your character's Flash Step and manage recovery times from your character's strong attacks.

To emerge victorious you will need to prepare. All playable characters and enemies have attributes and affiliations with strengths and weaknesses. For example, an enemy may have the “Power” Attribute and belong to the “Hollow” Affiliation. In this situation, it is good to bring a character with a speed attribute, as it is strong against power, and a “hollow assassin”, as this increases the damage dealt to hollow affiliation enemies.

It may seem simple at first, but to defeat more powerful enemies you'll need to think about power-ups like Link Slots, which allow characters to inherit skills and improve their stats, as well as Transcendence, Ascension, and other mechanics that can be adjusted to bring out the best. of your characters.

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Play with all your favorite characters

Bleach: Brave SoulsThe story mode begins from the first arc of the Bleach anime, “The Substitute Soul Reaper”, and continues until the events described in the newly released “Bleach TV Animated Series: Thousand-Year Blood War”. Along the way, you'll be able to enjoy 3D action in which you take control of your favorite characters to fight enemies in scenarios based on the anime, as well as 2D scenes containing still images from the anime, through which You can relive your favorite moments from Bleach history. .

Bleach Brave Souls Screenshot

Have you ever wondered what your favorite character would look like in a different outfit?

Although we have taken care to faithfully reproduce the appearance of the characters from different points in the story, Bleach: brave souls It also includes a host of characters in never-before-seen outfits. You can play as a parasol-wielding version of Rukia, a cyberpunk-themed version of Ulquiorra, and many more exciting recreations. With over 600 characters in the game, you'll get to see a whole new side to your favorite characters.

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Learn more about the world of bleach

The novels “Spirits Are Forever With You” and “Can't Fear Your Own World”, which also take place in the Bleach universe, may not have had their stories told in the anime, but their characters are playable in Bleach: brave souls.

You can play as the “Spirits Are Forever With You” version of Toshiro, who has unlocked a power greater than the Bankai, or as the “Can't Fear Your Own World” version of Shinji, whose Bankai became the talk of the town. fans from all over the world. !

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Play with friends as your favorite characters

Bleach: brave souls It has a lot of solo content, but we wanted to make sure Bleach fans could play and enjoy the game together.

One of the game's cooperative modes is called Epic Raids, where you must defeat a powerful boss with a team of up to 6 players to obtain great rewards.

Whether you and your friends spring into action as Ichigo and his companions, or as a more unlikely group of allies, the options are nearly endless thanks to the roster of characters that have been carefully designed to fit into the world of Bleach.

Bleach Brave Souls Screenshot

Release date and special gift for Xbox players

Bleach: brave souls It is now available and free on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

And we've got an extra gift for you: if you download the game on Xbox Series experience points of your character. Bleach: brave souls now to experience the world of Bleach.

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