July 17, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA
Solar System

Call to the Single Planetary Server – TPS – English

Dear friends and colleagues,

This is a call to esoteric groups in preparation for 2025.

The year 2025 is the time when the spiritual hierarchy He will meditate and precipitate plans for humanity for the next century. This is the “big download” of the centenary.

The world group, as the ajna center of the planet, has the opportunity and responsibility to play a conscious role in this planetary event.

In imitation of the annual Wesak contact ceremony, world disciples can use this climax to align themselves with one another, forming “certain geometric shapes” to become a living “receptive lens” for the Hierarchy and a pulsating “channel of communication contact” for Humanity.

To be as prepared as possible, we suggest practicing together in the remaining time.

We recognize that to manifest our innate ability to function as conscious parts of the global living organism of the Group of World Servers, our groups have to become more sensitive to each other's notes and practice telepathic attunement skills among our groups.

Therefore we invite your group/s to join an experiment in intergroup telepathic alignment during the upcoming Leo-Sirius Festival from August 17-21.

We envision the participating groups maintaining conscious alignment with each other during the five days of the Leo Full Moon, while carrying out their own specific service activities. All participating groups would meet online at the beginning and end of the five-day full moon period. During this period, groups will be encouraged to experiment with widening our circle of subjective contact, cultivating a finer sensitivity to each other and to the subjective energetic infrastructure we maintain together.

We think of this experiment as a kind of “dress rehearsal” in preparation for next year's opportunity to serve Humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy as A planetary server.

We invite you to get More details on this proposed experiment and our groups' ideas on the opportunities that open up in the 2024-2026 period here >>>

We hope that this call is useful to you. Please share this invitation in your groups and tell us your intentions to continue coordinating the initiative.

In light of the Unique Work,

Circle of Groups:

Initiative 2025, Blue Rose Sisterhood, Esoteric United Nations, Hechal Group, The Hill Center, Meditation Mount, Morya Federation, Northern Light Society, TPS-POP International Group (The Planetary System-Planetary Order Prototype) and Istituto di Ricerche Urusvati, Sydney Goodwill, The University of the Seven Rays, Community of Life Ethics, School of Esoteric Studies…

(Watch the Updated letter here)

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