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The Hubble Telescope released really cool images of the Lagoon Nebula
NASA and the Hubble telescope have just released cool pictures of the Lagoon Nebula showing stars forming in clouds of dust and and on the right is an infrared image showing all the stars. NASA information also indicates the Lagoon Nebula is about 5200 light years from Earth, and... Read more
Purple spiral light beams and white orb UFO’s spotted in Phoenix
In early April videos on youtube surfaced showing weird purple spiral light beams and a white orb looking UFO darting around in the sky. The video appears to be authentic, and there has been even alot of weird cloud formations in the skies. Is this an alien invasion or... Read more
Saturn is beautiful this time of year
Saturn is a beautiful plant with the cool blue colors and the planetary rings. Caltech estimates that Saturns rings are abut 175,000 miles around, but only 3200 feet thick.  ( The rings are also composed of 99.9% pure water ice and small particles of between 1-10cm. ( Planet Saturn... Read more
Massive solar geomagnetic storm on the Sun this week!
Did you know there is a massive geomagnetic super storm on this Sun that could affect Earth. There is a major coronal hole #88 and #89 that might face Earth and cause widespread electrical outages and affect radio communications. So there is a possible high speed solar wind rushing... Read more