July 15, 2024
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Cities: Skylines 2 achieves ultimate catharsis by removing landlords to fix rising rent prices in its next patch

Cities: Horizons 2 has found a delightfully simple solution to the real-world problem of greedy landlords demanding excessive rent payments. The city builder sequel will simply remove all of its virtual leeches in its next patch, helping to reduce the cost of living in its digital metropolis.

The changes coming to Colossal Order's next patch They are called “Economy 2.0” and seek to stop the likelihood of players being bombarded with “High Rent” complaints from their virtual population. Instead of tenants handing over their money to a virtual landlord, the patch will eliminate landlords so that citizens living together in a building split the cost equally between themselves. Wow, it's almost as if owners serve no valuable purpose and don't need to exist at all for society to function properly.

In addition to driving landlords out of the city, the Colossal Order has changed the way rental prices are calculated as a whole, basing a reasonable cost on overall household income. If tenants begin to have difficulty paying bills, they will look to save some money on things like resources before saying the rent is too high and subsequently moving or relocating to more affordable housing.

If residents continue to struggle to pay the bills, their building will eventually begin to degrade and could even collapse if left unmaintained. Covering the rent will reverse the risk, gradually moving buildings up a series of different levels.

A home in Cities: Skylines 2 that is struggling to pay rent.
Image credit: Interactive paradox

Elsewhere in the upcoming patch, you'll now be able to remove building upgrades without having to tear everything down thanks to a new trash can icon in your information panel, while sub-buildings can also be moved freely and turned on and off. for additional control.

Colossal Order has ensured that existing saves will still work when the new patch arrives, although changes to calculations and such mean you may have to keep an eye on things for a while after launching it. Government subsidies have disappeared and the cost of maintaining municipal service has increased, so your city will likely spend more once you recharge. More industrial space means more demand, while the shift in companies trying to be profitable also means that more citizens may end up unemployed once things calm down.

Colossal Order says they are already preparing the next Cities: Skylines 2 patch for the third quarter of this year, showing expanded service import options, UI improvements and information, and some new buildings on the way, including what It looks like a garbage truck and a water tank. tower of some kind.

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