July 15, 2024
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Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 is an “evolution of JRPGs” set in 19th century France where you fight against a mad painter

We didn't get to Sandfall and Kepler Interactive. Dark Light: Expedition 33 During our coverage of Microsoft's summer showcase a couple of weeks ago. If memory serves, when that particular trailer played, I was busy wiping swamp water out of my eyes after Writing South of Midnightwhile Nic had been flailing so loudly around Doom: Dark Ages debut that it was no longer solid and tangible enough to handle a keyboard. Graham had been He ran away with Joanna Dark to Immersive Sim Land and Matt, poor Matt, had fallen into a Lobster sink while “omnimanuevring” around Black Ops 6But if one of us had been free and willing, we might have had enthusiastic thoughts about this “evolution of JRPGs”, in which you must thwart a serious artist who is about to magically murder everyone over the age of 32. Alas, too late for me.

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“Once a year, the Painter wakes up and paints on her monolith,” says the Steam blurb. “He paints his cursed number. And everyone of that age turns into smoke and vanishes. Year after year, that number decreases and more of us are erased. Tomorrow he will wake up and paint '33'. And tomorrow we will leave on our mission final: destroy the Painter, so that she can never paint death again. Excellent! This is the kind of courage and drive of some thirty-somethings that saves a world, although I would very much like to play a spin-off game starring the cheerful firecrackers of Expedition 69 and the embarrassing middle-aged adults of Expedition 39.

Expedition 33 takes place in a world inspired by the French Belle Époque, the period from roughly 1871 to 1914, when you couldn't get around Art Nouveau, cabaret dancers, and Baudelaire's boredom. It was during this period that the Eiffel Tower was built (you can see it in the screenshot, although it appears to have melted). Without a doubt, the fault lies with the painter. It is incorrigible!

An aerial view of 19th century Paris with the Eiffel Tower overturned and melted
Image credit: Interactive Kepler

As for how to nominate the painter, it involves a combination of group and turn-based combat with certain actions seemingly performed in real time, a performance that reminds me of Lost Odyssey and threatens to invoke the dreaded word ” “QTE”. “. There is a world map with locations including the Isle of Faces and the Forgotten Battlefield, which have hidden quests and other secrets to discover. While there are named story characters (Gustave and Maelle seem to be the stars) , you will also be able to recruit “special companions” and “allies of fortune”, while following in the footsteps of previous expeditions.

My reservations about the tightrope combat is being left out, I think this looks very stylish and damn cool. You can read more at The Steam page – It does not have a release date yet.

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