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Comparative Review of Campfire Fathom and Andromeda

After spending a good time listening to both the Fathom and the AndromedaI'm excited to embark on a comparison between these fantastic in-ear monitors from campfire audio. Having already reviewed the Fathom, I'm curious to see how it compares to the Andromeda. So, let's jump in and see how these two amazing headphones compare.

What you get

campfire fathom

Andromeda Campfire

2 'Time Stream' cables:
3.5mm stereo
4.4mm balanced

Dimension folding leather case with magnetic closure and complementary rainbow PVD carabiner.

Breezy Black Jr. Bag

3x Marshmallow Tips (S, M, L)

3x silicone tips (S, M, L)

Campfire Audio Lapel Pin and Headphone Cleaning Tool

Dark Green Leather Folding Case

Three Time Stream cables (2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm with metal-terminated housings)

Mesh IEM bag with two pockets dark green

Pad selection (foam and silicone in S, M, L)

IEM Cleaning Tool

Campfire Lapel Pin

Comparative Review of Campfire Fathom and Andromeda

look and feel
I really appreciated how both the Andromeda and Fathom felt light and comfortable in my ears, making them ideal for long listening sessions. The Andromeda's aluminum construction felt sturdy but surprisingly light, while the Fathom's design, with its subtle purple accents, added a touch of personality to my listening experience. Overall, both models struck a perfect balance between comfort and style, enhancing my enjoyment of every moment I spent with them.

Design and functionality
The Fathom design features six custom balanced armature drivers, including dual super tweeters and dual woofers, promising a rich and dynamic soundstage. With a low impedance of 11.7 ohms and an SPL of 94 dB, these IEMs cater to audiophiles looking for versatility, compatible with 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced headphone jacks. In contrast, the Andromeda features five all-new dual-diaphragm balanced armatures, which leverage cutting-edge driver technology to reduce distortion and improve stability. Accompanied by a redesigned internal acoustic geometry and newly designed 3D-printed driver housings, Andromeda promises an unparalleled sonic journey, elevating the listening experience to new heights.

Comparative Review of Campfire Fathom and Andromeda

sound stage
In my exploration of campfire audioAcross the range, I've noticed a consistent theme of spaciousness and immersion in their sound profiles. The Fathom, while initially appearing to produce a flatter sound, surprises with its precise stereo imaging and layered audio. Despite not being the same height as other models, its advanced presentation still offers a convincing sense of scale without relying on artificial enhancements. Meanwhile, Andromeda's “W” signature, while possibly perceived as neutral, leans toward a focus on mid-bass and sub-bass frequencies, contributing to a rich and immersive listening experience. Overall, both the Fathom and Andromeda sound great and each brings their own unique strengths.

low end
While the Fathom could benefit from a little more bass impact, it still offers impressive detail in the lower frequencies. Its balanced sound signature makes it versatile in different musical genres. The Fathom guarantees clarity in the bass range, allowing each note to be precise and well defined. Comparatively, the Andromeda stands out for its slightly stronger emphasis on bass, especially the mid-bass, which adds warmth without sacrificing clarity. Both headphones excel at handling sub-bass frequencies, providing depth and clarity to your music.

Comparative Review of Campfire Fathom and Andromeda

Campfire Audio's Fathom delivers rich, detailed midrange frequencies, thanks to its intelligent use of the mid-bass range. In different musical styles, the mids remain clear and vibrant, keeping you involved with every note. While it may not be the most exciting, its balanced sound ensures that every instrument and voice is well represented. Plus, its warmer tone adds depth and consistency to your listening experience. Likewise, the Andromeda impresses with its smooth and pleasant mids, offering a linear sound without particular tonal imbalances. Whether you're listening to jazz or any other genre, both headphones provide excellent midrange performance that enriches your music.

The Fathom doesn't have the highest trebles, but they are crystal clear and realistic, which improves its overall sound. Plus, you can adjust the equalizer to make them brighter if you want. They sound great in different types of music, with clear and precise treble that immerses you in the music. The Andromeda's treble is also fantastic, with plenty of detail and texture that gives the sound that extra punch. Both IEMs have very good treble, making your music sound amazing no matter what you are listening to.

Comparative Review of Campfire Fathom and Andromeda

After carefully comparing the campfire audio Fathom and Andromeda, I am convinced that both in-ear monitors are exceptional options and offer excellent sound quality and excellent value for money. Each model brings its unique strengths, whether it's the precise clarity of the Fathom or the rich details of the Andromeda. Both IEMs have really impressed me and deciding between them would be quite a challenge – both are stellar performers that deserve serious consideration for anyone in the premium audio equipment market.

campfire fathom and Andromeda Campfire are available in Audio46.

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