July 14, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA
Computer Hardware

(Computex) In Win presents its exclusive Infinite case!

Every time (or almost every time) In Win is present at a Computex fair, the brand shows us some of its costumes! We remember the Tower H, a motorized box that opened to reveal the configuration. With the Infinite signature, the brand takes this trick one step further!

Infinite: another success from In Win!

In Win Infinite SignatureWith this new suitcase concept, the brand once again lets itself go. As you can see, the tempered glass panel is absolutely sublime, as it is actually a single 1.1m long panel curved to wrap around the case. Otherwise, this is a machined model with the motherboard tray lowered for easier access to the settings. And beyond that, we still find materials like aluminum, especially in the body of the case!

At the moment the detailed technical specifications are not yet known… But we do know that it will accept motherboards in E-ATX format at most. Compatibility with BTF, Project Zero and Stealth boards is also assured. For storage we have two 2.5″ slots, while liquid cooling is supported through a 360×65 mm slot on the front.

In Win Infinite Signature

No retail price or availability date here… However, given the size of the beast, expect a four-figure bill, which is not uncommon for this series!

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