July 14, 2024
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(Computex) Silence! announces Light Base 900 and 600 chassis

Computex is also an opportunity for be quiet! to present new products, including new chassis. The show includes the announcement of the Light Base 900 and 600, aquarium-style models with a large RGB component.

Light Base: Two Boxes, Lots of RGB!

Silence! Light base 900 and 600With this new series of cases, the brand offers two references: a 900 model and a second 600 model, smaller in size. The main difference between the two is, of course, their size, with support for E-ATX motherboards and two 420mm heatsinks for the larger of the two. The smaller model will have to make do with ATX motherboard support, while the water cooling part remains 360mm compatible.

Of course, the main feature of these cases is their panoramic view, thanks to two tempered glass panels, one on the front and one on the side. Obviously, both models can be mounted in reverse ATX or laid flat.

As you can see, aRGB lighting takes center stage, with 1.5m of LED strip for the 900. Add to this Light Wings LX fans for the standard fan builds, and you’ve got some seriously bright cases!

As for pricing, Be Quiet! has announced that the Light Base 900 model, in black or white, without a fan, costs $179.90 and $187.90. With four 140mm fans, the prices rise to $229.90 and $239.90 respectively. The 600 version is priced at $149.90 and $159.90 in black and white. With the fans added, the prices rise to $184.90 and $194.90 respectively.

As for availability, the smaller version will arrive in September, while the larger one will be available in October!

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