July 17, 2024
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(Computex) The new silent cooling!

After telling you everything about him Light base 900 and 600 cases, let's take a look at Shut Up! heat sinks. A new range of AIOs makes its appearance, the Light Loop, while the Dark Rock 5 is on display at the brand's stand. Finally, new fans make their appearance: the Light Wings LX!

calm down! shows your future Light Loops:

calm down!  light loop
Fountain: TechpowerUp

Yes, shut up! He was known for his sobriety, things are about to change. The aRGB lighting on the top of the Dark Rock Elite was already a red flag… Now, with the AIO Light Loop, the multicolor lighting arrives in style… As you can see, the kit clearly sets the accent.

For example, the pump lid features a translucent lid to better diffuse light. On the fans side, we find the Light Wings LX mentioned in a Previous article.

Available in 240mm and 360mm versions, these kits will be compatible with current major platforms. The compatibility statement mentions compatibility with LGA-1851/1700/1200/115x boards, as well as AMD's AM4 and AM5.

As for pricing, expect to pay €130/135 for 240mm black/white. The 360mm models will be more expensive: €160/165 in black/white. The launch is scheduled for September.

Dark Rock 5 also present:

calm down!  dark rock 5
Fountain: TechpowerUp

The Dark Rock 5 is the single tower version of the new generation of be quiet! heat sinks. It shares the same aesthetic as the Dark Rock Pro 5 and Elite, with a removable magnetic aluminum cover. Additionally, the design is quite discreet, with a completely black coating over the entire heatsink.

The heatsink features a total of six copper heat pipes, each 6mm in diameter, which are housed in an eccentric nickel-plated copper base. The goal is to avoid invading RAM.

On the ventilation side, we find a 120 mm Silent Wings 4 mill. The latter also incorporates rubber silent blocks to reduce parasitic vibrations.

Price: €70, with availability scheduled for this month.

Light Wings LX fans:

calm down!  LX light wings
Fountain : TechpowerUp

Finally, the famous Light Wings LX fans of be quiet! These are clearly focused on bright lighting, with blades illuminated by 16 aRGB diodes. In addition, for better light diffusion, the slats have a frosted effect.

These fans are available in 120mm and 140mm models, with two speed profiles: PWM and high-speed PWM. The 120mm model will run at 1600 and 2100rpm respectively, while the 140mm model will run at 1200 and 1800rpm.

The price is expected to be around €20 per unit, with availability in September.

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