July 15, 2024
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Easy DIY Stomp Rocket

This Homemade stomp rocket It's one of the simplest things I've ever made and it works amazingly well! Even our heavy kitchen roll and cardboard rocket flew through the air.

Everything you need Make your own rocket. It's an empty 2-liter plastic bottle, a plastic tube, and paper. It's that simple!

Once the stomp launcher is made, kids can experiment with rockets made from different materials to see which ones fly the furthest.

How to Make the Easiest Stomping Rocket Ever!

You will need to

An empty 2 liter plastic bottle

Plastic tube


paper card

Tip markers

Simple home science experiment with a stomp rocket

Instructions – DIY Stomp Rocket

Connect the plastic tube to the end of the plastic bottle. My tube is screwed on tight, but if it's loose, you may need to tape it up so air can't escape.

Make a rocket out of a kitchen roll or paper towel tube or a roll of paper.

Seal one end of the rocket with paper or tape.

Decorate the rocket – optional.

Place the arugula on the end of the tube and squeeze the bottle tightly. The rocket will shoot into the air.

Materials for a simple stomp rocket
top of a cardboard tube rocket for a stomp rocket

We also experimented with a piece of paper folded and sealed on the sides and top, which worked very well.

boy about jumping on a DIY rocket
Boy jumping on a homemade rocket

If you have any different designs for a homemade rocketI would love to see them!

How does a stomp rocket work?

When you jump on the plastic bottle, the air comes out through the plastic tube. The force of the air hitting the rocket pushes it into the air.

DIY instructions for stepping on a rocket

DIY Stomp Rocket: Extension Ideas

Set up research to determine whether making a rocket heavier means it won't travel as far.

Change the length of the plastic tube to investigate how it changes the flight of the rocket.

Try pointing the end of the rocket up and then forward to discover how the rocket's flight path changes.

buy a stomp rocket launcher and compare it with your homemade version.

More science ideas for kids

TO Water-powered bottle rocket It is the most powerful rocket we have ever manufactured. This type of rocket shoots upward very quickly, so remember to stay away!

My straw rockets They are very easy to make and a brilliant simple recipe. STEM rocket challenge.

A squeeze bottle rocket is fun Indoor rocket activity.

Watch a video of a real rocket launch! This one below is awesome as the boosters return to Earth and land in a specific location!

Scientific concepts




Stomp Rocket STEM Challenge

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