July 14, 2024
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Elden Ring PC players should tread carefully as mouse software can cause stuttering, says FromSoftware

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Elden Ring could be the talk of the town again right now, becoming the most played game on Steam Deckbut it may face a slight challenge. Not from another title, but from a technical hurdle for PC players. FromSoftware’s official support account recently issued a warning about potential frame rate issues stemming from mouse software running in the background.

This news comes shortly after the highly anticipated The Shadow of the Erdtree The expansion that was released a week ago. While the expansion itself has been praised for its captivating environments and engaging gameplay, PC gamers experiencing stuttering issues now have a new culprit to consider: mouse software.

Stuttering issue in Elden Ring

According to the message translated in X for FromSoftware player support:“In the PC version, the frame rate may not be stable when playing while running an application related to mouse control. In that case, try playing the game after stopping the mouse control related application.”

FromSoftware Player Support Statement on Elden Ring (PC) Framerate Issues, Source: desoftware_sp

This is a surprising detail for a game that has generally been well received on PC. While open-world titles released in early 2024 might have suffered from open-world fatigue, Elden Ring The new release stood out for its exceptional design and ability to keep players engaged. The news that mouse software is causing frame rate issues is a slight blow to the game’s momentum, especially considering the rave reviews for the new expansion. While some stuttering may be tolerable, it can significantly hamper the fast-paced combat and exploration Elden Ring is known for.

It is still unclear who is to blame.

It's important to note that FromSoftware's statement doesn't specify which mouse software applications could be causing the problem. This leaves PC gamers in a bit of a bind, as they may need to experiment with closing various mouse-related programs in the background before launching the game to see if the problem persists.

While this is certainly an inconvenience, it's probably not a widespread issue affecting all PC players. However, for those experiencing frame rate drops, it's worth investigating any mouse software that's running in the background and potentially closing it to see if that resolves the issue. Despite this technical hurdle, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree It remains an achievement in open world game design. Hopefully, FromSoftware will be able to fix this mouse software issue with a future patch, ensuring a smooth gaming experience for all PC gamers.

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