July 18, 2024
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GeForce 555.99, a driver for the Elden Ring expansion!

A new driver from NVIDIA, with the release of GeForce 555.99, a new version designed to accommodate the upcoming Elden Ring extension. With this, the chameleon also takes the opportunity to fix some bugs, especially in relation to GeForce Experience!

GeForce 555.99, new features:

GeForce Ring 555.99 EldenNew features include support for new games, such as Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. But that's not all, as titles like Pax Dei and Still Wakes the Deep are also supported.

With this, NVIDIA offers a new beta update for its NVIDIA App. The goal here is to unify the NVIDIA control panel, GeForce Experience and RTX Experience in a single application… A bit like the AMD control panel, after all.

Notably, this new update enables AV1 video capture at 120 fps. Another new feature: one-click automatic graphics card adjustment. The overlay application has also been improved.

The patches:

Without further ado, let's find out what NVIDIA has to offer in terms of fixes:

  • Fixed game bugs:
    • No more flickering or black screens in GeForce Experience when Instant Replay is active (4665009).
    • FPS overlay will no longer show NA in multiple games (4608943).
  • General bugs fixed:
    • CUDA 12.5 now works with the CUDA version of Docker images (4668302).
    • Fixed visual artifacts in Microsoft New Teams/Outlook when MFAA is active from the NVIDIA control panel (4608670).
    • LG OLED48C4 is now detected as a G-Sync compatible display (4645783).
    • The same applies to the LG 32GS95UE display (4564083).

Known issues:

We will quickly finish with the “Identified Issues” section:

  • The GeForce Experience driver page may not detect that a new driver has been installed until the next PC restart (4662117).

This way to the NVIDIA driver (628.65 MB)

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