July 18, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

Google discovered 'Adaptive Thermal' development to help pixels stay cool

What you need to know

  • A dive into Google's Device Health Services app shows signs of a new “Adaptive Thermal” feature for Pixels.
  • The feature appears designed to help users take necessary action if their Pixel overheats, something the feature will alert them about.
  • Adaptive Thermal presents several warning states if a Pixel's temperature rises too high before shutting down to protect itself.

It looks like Google is working on a way to help users keep their Pixels cool if they're at risk of overheating.

According to Mishaal Rahman in Android Authority, version 1.27 of the Device Health Services app on Pixels contains hints about “Adaptive Thermal”. The first strings of code in the app suggest that Google's new feature will warn users if their Pixel is invading those higher temperatures so they can help.

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