July 18, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

How Roblox uses generative AI to improve user experiences

Roblox is a colorful online platform that aims to reimagine the way people gather, now that generative artificial intelligence augments that vision. In this episode of NVIDIA AI Podcast, host Noah Kravitz speaks with Anupam Singh, vice president of artificial intelligence and growth engineering at Roblox, about how the company is using technology to improve virtual experiences with features like automated chat filters and real-time text translation, which They help generate inclusion and user safety. Singh also discusses how generative AI can be used to power coding assistants that help creators focus more on creative expression, rather than wasting time manually writing world-building functions.


1:49: Background of Roblox and user interactions within the platform
6:38: Singh's view on the role of AI and machine learning in the growth of Roblox
15:51: Using generative AI to improve user self-expression
20:04: How generative AI simplifies content creation
24:26: What's next for Roblox?

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