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Humanity releases Light and Beauty – TPS – English

Today, when the Sun enters Taurus, the sign of the New World Server Grouphe Disciple of the One Humanity, with a growing awareness of its solar destiny as the fourth creative Hierarchy, focuses on the eye of vision, that lofty circular opening which the Builders carve in the front of the Temple of Man and the World. In fact, the Taurus motto says: “I see, and when the eye is opened, everything lights up.”

As planetary Servers oriented towards Goal 6.3 of the evolutionary plandedicated to Communion with the world of ideasTherefore we solemnly affirm the fifth of the 12 affirmations of one Humanity (see introductory article and online ritual celebration):

Humanity releases Light and Beauty

Taurus keeps the secret of the Light, which reveals the Sound, the creative Agent, and illuminates the initiate, the “Light of the world.” Taurus leads from illusion to the Light of spiritual Reality; The eye of Taurus is the eye of revelation and sheds radiant light on men whose individual vision must be opened, reacting to the cosmic light. Light, illumination and sound, as an expression of creative force, are the three fundamental ideas connected to this constellation. “The interpreter of the divine voice,” as Taurus was called in ancient Egypt, can be defined in Christian terminology as “the Word made flesh.” Therefore, Taurus is associated with Buddha – “Enlightenment won by effort” and with Christ – “Light of the world”. Christ said: “I am the Light of the world”, and “if your eye is only one, your whole body will be full of light”: “the eye of Taurus”, Mother of illumination, is the symbol of the eye that Christ intended.

The fourth Ray of the Sign is also the bearer of Beauty and Harmony:

“In Beauty the Infinite will manifest itself. In Beauty the teachings of the seekers of the Spirit are illuminated. At Beauty we are not afraid to reveal the truth of freedom. At Beauty we ignite the glow in every drop of water. In Beauty we transform matter into a rainbow.
There is no ugliness that is not devoured by the rays of the rainbow, the rainbow that is formed when matter decomposes. There are no chains that do not break down in the freedom of Beauty. How can we find words to talk about the universe? How will we talk about the evolution of forms? How will we raise consciousness to a level where it studies the fundamentals? How to advance humanity to the point of scientifically knowing the world?
All knowledge is born in Beauty.
Learn to think brightly and nothing scary will touch you.
(Agni Yoga Series, Leaves from the Garden of Morya II article 322)

The exoteric ruler of Taurus is Venus, whose Logos is the Elder Brother of our Earth and which is the most luminous, attractive and beautiful planet that we see in the night Sky. The fifth Ray transmitted by this Luminary also evokes the Light of fiery thought.

“Does an Arhat rest? You already know that a change of job is rest, but the true rest of an Arhat is his thought about the Beautiful. In the midst of various works, the thought of the Beautiful is the bridge, the power and the current of benevolence. Let us weigh a thought of evil and a thought of good, and we will prove to ourselves that the beautiful thought is more powerful. Let's organically analyze different thoughts and we will see that a beautiful thought is a treasure of health. With a beautiful thought, an Arhat contemplates the ladder of ascent. In this active thought is the rest of the Arhat. Where else can we find another source of benevolence? So we can remember when we are especially oppressed. When everywhere the shutters of the self are closed, when the fires are extinguished in the darkness, is it not the time to reflect on the Beautiful? We anticipate a miracle, we strive to break the lock, but the Arhat's ladder is only in the Beautiful. Let us not stain, let us not despise this path! Only in this way will we attract that which seems so miraculous. And the miracle, isn't it the indissoluble link with the Hierarchy? In this link lies all physics, mechanics, chemistry and the panacea for all things. It seems possible, with a little effort, to overcome all obstacles, but meeting this condition is immensely difficult for people! Why have beauty's wings been clipped?
(Agni Yoga SeriesBurning World I article 177)

The esoteric and hierarchical ruler of the sign is Vulcan, whose splendor is erased by the Sun. He is the One who extracts the metals from the depths of the earth, forging them with blows of his mallet and literally making them release their intrinsic Light and Beauty: the most powerful weapons. powerful that must be entrusted to the “Warriors of the Light”.

Light and Beauty are closely related: what is luminous is beautiful and what is beautiful radiates Light. Light and Beauty are present everywhere, even where ugliness seems to prevail; In fact, the foundations on which the Cosmos is built are evident or hidden. However, it is necessary to recognize them, and this is only possible if we learn to “look with the eyes of the heart”, that is, to look beyond appearances. When the light of beauty can be discerned and affirmed even in the most difficult situations, Joy and Gratitude flourish.

The understanding of the Beauty that, as the Master of Agni Yoga says, will save the world, is essential in this time of passage from one Era to another, when everything seems to collapse around us. We have a feeling of helplessness in the face of the ugliness of wars and human cruelty and are tormented by the idea that The man has lost his way; However, right now the Light of the new world advances and now more than ever we must understand it, defend it, affirm it, explain it, show it. And it is he who understands Beauty who can guide pilgrims along the Path.

It is up to the Disciples of the One Humanity, therefore, with an act of will, to stand firm in the Light, to fly over the stormy sea of ​​human emotions and partisanship without wetting their wings, and to bear witness to the power of Beauty even when and where no one sees her.

It may seem an act of naivety to think of defeating Adverse Forces with the power of Beauty, apparently so fragile and elusive; However, this is not the case, because in the midst of ruin, turmoil and wars, tiny flowers of resplendent perfection are born and great rainbows and sunsets of amazing colors appear on the battlefields, while at night the Heavens cover us with a resplendent mantle of stars. , tirelessly pointing to the door to another possible world, where every contrast can be resolved into Harmony.

Therefore, it is necessary to educate ourselves and others to understand the Beauty that lives in each of us and vibrates in all parts of creation, its invincible power and its Light that erases the Darkness, before which the fearful have fear, thus giving them greater strength.

Human beings have always strived to produce works of beauty and have been able to give the world sublime artistic achievements in many fields, which are the heritage of Humanity.

However, it is important to understand that each of us is called to work with the light of Beauty, because the human kingdom is the planetary Artist and is tasked with creating a masterpiece from its own life.

The miracle of Beauty in adornment
of our daily lives will exalt humanity.
Raise your light high.
Illuminate the beauties of My Temple.
Teaches the joy of beauty.
Teaches the happiness of wisdom.
Teaches the joy of love.
Teach the glory of unity with God.
I will grant you the power and speed of Mercury.
Move forward without doubts, without fear,
without going back.

(Agni Yoga Series, Leaves from the Garden of Morya I article 45)

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