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Humanity Saves to Give Freedom – TPS – Spanish

Today, with the Sun entering Pisces, the Disciple humanity It focuses especially on the need to become an increasingly active participant in the process of salvationthrough mastery over matter and its concentrated and purposeful contribution to the increase of this magnetic radiation, based on an inner freedom that makes it possible to break shackles and chains. As planetary Servers oriented to Objective 6.3 of the Evolutionary plandedicated to Communion with the world of ideasWe solemnly affirm, on behalf of the new Group of World Servers, the third of the 12 Affirmations of Unique Humanityand (Watch the Introductory article About the online ritual Celebrations):*

Humanity saves to give Freedom

If Aquarius presents the path of Service to the realization of Brotherhood, Pisces introduces the theme of the Savior, He who frees from the (beneficent) prison of form. He descends among the forms to draw the Prisoners of the planet to salvation, and therein lies the value of His sacrifice. This impulse corresponds to its equally divine opposite, which commands life to assume a substantial vehicle. Thus, on the one hand, there is the command to seek and build the form, and on the other, the offer and guarantee of salvation, which provides for its progressive destruction or transmutation, in the course of the journey back to the Father's Home. (Of: The solar system in spacePisces)

In the powerful activity that manifests through the energies of the sign of Pisces, the function of Pluto, its esoteric and hierarchical Regent, is strategic.

Pluto expresses desire transmuted into sacrifice and the will that goes from being individual to becoming divine: The savior of the worldThrough Pluto, man is subjected to the power of death: death of desire, of personality, and of all that keeps him between the pairs of opposites, in order to achieve complete liberation. Death in Pisces under the influence of Pluto is such an essential and fundamental transformation that: “… The Ancient One is no longer seen. He sinks into the depths of the ocean of life; he descends into hell, but the gates of hell do not hold him back. He, the New and Living One, leaves behind what has held him back through the centuries and rises from the depths to the heights, near the throne of God.” (From AA Bailey, Esoteric Astrologyp. 214)


There is currently a great spiritual effort being made by various groups around the world, whose common purpose is to achieve the liberation of Humanity:

  1. Men and women of good will.
  2. The idealists and the dreamers of dreams, the visionaries of a future world.
  3. Spiritually minded people whom we call world aspirants.
  4. Disciples all over the planet.
  5. Members of the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, whether in or out of incarnation.
  6. The Custodians of God's Will or Purpose, keeping themselves prepared in Shamballa and listen to the call for help that arises from humanity.
  7. Certain great Energies of extra-planetary significance are ready to intervene if the spiritual invocation or distress of humanity reaches the level of evocation.

The problem is how to fuse and combine the first five groups so that the spiritual call can express an integrated and united group demand. Only such a united demand, which concentrates the “collective intention” of humanity, will be sufficient to evoke an extraplanetary response.

Much of this unification task is in the hands of two groups: the planetary Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers. (AA Bailey, Outsourcing the hierarchyp. 392)

Therefore, World Servers are called upon to intensify their efforts to work in liaison with the planetary Hierarchy and the Disciples in order to accelerate the process of unification and collaboration of all Groups, which is essential in this disturbing time of transition between two eras and in view of the proximity of the hierarchical date of 2025.

The key to the whole process of salvation is therefore freedom. The more men evolve, the more they recognize it as a right, a duty and a supreme good. It is true that it must be conquered and acquired little by little, and the process of liberation is arduous, prolonged and demanding; however, it leaves each person “free” to follow it in his own way, that is, to measure it and even to reject it. Liberation is a divine faculty, and it is noted that prisoners are always deprived of Heaven, often without even regretting it.

Heaven is the image of freedom, which modern man desires but does not clearly understand. He has a rather superficial conception of it. Whoever wants to penetrate the depths of its meaning encounters obstacles that seem insurmountable. The freedom of the individual is at odds with the equally necessary freedom of groups and societies: the latter need rules that undermine freedom. This is a problem that occurs everywhere: laws or rules are needed to protect the common good, but these restrict freedom. (From: E. Savoini, A new model of Space(available only in Italian)

Every disciple of the Way understands that Order lives on freedom, and true freedom is only possible through Order. The supreme summit of the Common Good is freedom, total and maximum for all entities, and Order tends precisely to this sole goal without limiting it, but rather expanding it. (Order, Unpublished text, E. Savoini)

Space is that free community in which common freedom is realized. (From: E. Savoini, The solar system in space)


“(…) Adorned lives allow us to depart freely and with generosity to return victorious. Those who proceed with an awareness of beauty cannot be confused. Only confusion can block the path.
It is not entirely correct to say that beauty will save the world. It is more accurate to say that the realization of beauty will save the world.
Obstacles of ugliness can be overcome to reach a beacon of beauty, scattering seeds without number. When a garden of beauty can be created, there is nothing to fear.
There is no fatigue when the garden of the spirit admits newcomers.” (Agni Yoga Series, New Age Community § 27)


My friends, happiness lies in serving the salvation of humanity.

Put aside all prejudices and, summoning your spiritual forces, help humanity. Direct the ugly towards the path of beauty.
Just as the tree renews its leaves, so will humanity flourish on the path of righteousness.
(Agni Yoga Series, Leaves from Morya's Garden I § 4)


* For next year, guided by/to Goal 6.3 of the Evolutionary plandedicated to the Communion with the world of ideasIt is intended to solemnly celebrate the Entries to the 12 signs of the zodiac with 12 Affirmations of Humanity Oneas well as the Full Moons and New Moons of each Sign, in a similar way to what was done in the year 6.1 and the year 6.2.

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