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Humanity spiritualizes the Substance – TPS – Spanish

Today, when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, the main source of the 3third Ray in the current cycle, the diffuse light of Substance itself, the “dark light” of matter waiting for the light of the soul to impart its stimulus.we solemnly affirm, as planetary Servers oriented towards Goal 6.3 of the evolutionary plandedicated to Communion with the world of ideasthe seventh of 12 affirmations of one Humanity*:

Humanity spiritualizes substance

Cancer, Sign of birth and generation, summarizes the entire theme of Rebirth: it is not desire that causes the return, but the will and knowledge of the Plan of Evolution. It is not the need to achieve ultimate perfection that stimulates the Ego to experiment with form, because it is already perfect. The main incentive is the sacrifice and service that must be rendered to the lower lives that depend on the higher inspiration (which the spirit soul can give) and the decision that they too must achieve a planetary status equivalent to that of the self-sacrificing soul. .

Moon (not sacred 4th Lightning) and Neptune (6th Ray), who, in this Sign, transmit the energies of psychic nature and form, and also tend to achieve purpose through conflict, powerfully rule Cancer. The form and the lower psychic nature that They control produce the battlefield in which “they face in decisive battle” their higher correspondences, soul and spirit, matter being the lowest expression of the spirit, and this, matter in its condition. more sublime. This phrase is the true key to understanding the Cancer-Capricorn relationship.

Sublimation is the spiritualization of substance.
(TPS – Genesi delle Idee – 6. Synthesisonly available in Italian)
In the name of the One, Brotherhood is realized, the Hierarchy of Love, which is the fiery summit of the sublimation or spiritualization of substance.
The sublimation of life is of utmost importance, both for the individual and for humanity as a whole.

Once the individual disciple, and also humanity, who symbolizes the world disciple, have mastered the transfer process in this regard, we will see the new order of individual service and world service established, and therefore the arrival of the expected new order. . . (Alice A. Bailey, esoteric healing, p. 127)

In Cancer… when the powerful influences of the Moon and Neptune are combined with the seventh ray (which synthesizes physical expression) and the third (which produces intense activity in matter)**, it is understood that all the energies involved tend to produce the descent of the soul into the flesh, into the three worlds of experience and human life…

The spiritualization of forms could be considered the main work of the seventh ray, and it is this principle of fusion, coordination and rapport that is active on the etheric levels each time a soul incarnates and a child is born on Earth. The soul is the principle of sensitivity, which underlies all external manifestation, permeates all forms and constitutes the consciousness of God himself. When the soul, immersed in substance, is simply sensitivity, it produces through its evolutionary interaction an addition, and we find an emerging quality and capacity to react to vibrations and the environment. This is the soul as it is expressed in all the subhuman kingdoms of nature. When the soul, an expression of sensitivity and quality, adds to these the capacity for detached self-awareness, that self-identified entity that we call a human being appears. When the soul adds to the sensitivity, the quality and the self-consciousness, the consciousness of the group, then we have identification with a group of ray, and there appears the disciple, the initiate and the teacher. When the soul adds to the sensitivity, the quality, the self-consciousness and the group consciousness, an awareness of the divine synthetic purpose (called by us the Plan), then we have that state of being and knowing which is distinctive of all on the Path of Initiation. and includes those graduated Lives, from the most advanced disciple to the planetary Logos Himself. But let us not forget that when we make these distinctions it is nevertheless a Soul that is functioning, acting through vehicles of varying capacities, of differentiated refinements and of major and minor limitations, in exactly the same sense in which a man is a identity, working sometimes through a physical body and sometimes through a feeling body or a mental body, and sometimes knowing that he himself is the Self…(Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Psychology I, p. 53-54)

All that currently prevents the glory, which is the soul, and the radiance that emanates from the God within the form from shining in all its power, is the matter or form aspect. When that has been consecrated, purified and spiritualized, then the glory and light can truly shine through… (Alice A. Bailey, The labors of Hercules, p. 22)

Humanity is a carrier of planetary light, transmitting the light of knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and this in the esoteric sense. These three aspects of light carry three aspects of soul energy to the soul in all its forms, through the anima mundi, the soul of the world…
The flowing spiritual Triangle and the rising Triangle of matter meet point to point in humanity when the point of balance can be found. In the achievement and spiritualization of man is the hope of the world. Humanity itself is the Savior of the world, of which all the Saviors of the world have been but the symbol and guarantee…
The combination of deva or angel and human evolution… is a mystery that will be solved when man comes to the consciousness of his own solar Angel, only to discover that that too is nothing more than a form of life that, having its purpose fulfilled, it must be left behind…
In this way humanity serves, and in the development of a conscious aptitude for service, in the growth of a conscious understanding of the individual part to be played in the execution of the plan, and in the subjection of the personality to the soul, progress will come. of humanity towards its goal of world service.
(Alice A. Bailey, Treatise on white magic, p. 100-101)

Every human being who reaches the goal of light and wisdom automatically has a field of influence that extends up and down, and that reaches both inward, to the source of light, and outward, to the ” fields of darkness.” When he has achieved this, he will become a conscious center of life-giving force, and it will be so without effort. He will stimulate, energize and vivify with new efforts all lives with which he comes in contact, whether they be his aspiring companions, an animal or a flower. He will act as a transmitter of light in the darkness. He will dispel the glamor around him and let in the glow of reality.
When large numbers of the sons of men can act thus, then the human family will undertake its destined work of planetary service. Its mission is to act as a bridge between the world of spirit and the world of material forms. All degrees of matter are found in man and all states of consciousness are possible for him. Humanity can work in all directions and raise the subhuman kingdoms to heaven and bring heaven down to earth. (Alice A. Bailey, Treatise on white magic, p. 538)

The evolution of the Spirit foresees that the Hierarchies that constitute the spiritual Triad (Atma-Buddhi-Manas: the Triple I) govern, love and shine in the three worlds and lower kingdoms through the Fourth human Hierarchy, thus uniting Heaven and Land. “The fourth Creative Hierarchy is the great expression of the conscious will and sacrifice of the Solar Logos, and the great symbol of the intelligent union of spirit and matter. (TPS – Le Gerarchie creativeonly available in Italian)

Through Christ and Buddha, humanity can now establish a close relationship with Shamballa and then make its own contribution – as a world center – to planetary life. Imbued with light and controlled by the Spirit of Peace, the expression of the will for the good of humanity can emanate powerfully from this third planetary center. Humanity will then… undertake its destined task as an intelligent and loving intermediary between the higher states of planetary consciousness, the superhuman states and the subhuman realms. Thus, humanity will eventually become the planetary savior.. (Alice A. Bailey, The externalization of hierarchy, p. 163)

At this solstice summit, when the doors open wide to a new and infinite horizon, the heart of One Humanity, like a sunSource of Life, warmth and light, Initiated Server and Savior of the world, golden section between Hierarchy and Humanity, reveals its Essence, the Christ Principle that radiates the saving power of Love and Light, which lifts up to Heaven while bringing Heaven to Earth.


* See introductory article and Online Ritual Celebration.
** Cancer transmits, in the current precessional cycle, the energies known as 3third and 7th Ray, connected to active Intelligence and ritual Order and Magic…

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