July 14, 2024
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Introducing Satoshi Summer Camp: A Bitcoin Adventure for Families

Taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, on the heels of the vibrant Bitcoin 2024 conference, Satoshi Summer Camp will be the highlight for families attending the event. The two-day event promises to combine fun, education, and community building in a way never seen before.

At the heart of Satoshi Summer Camp is the Family Fun Zone, an activity center where kids and families can engage in a variety of enriching experiences. From instructor-led crafts to kid-approved snacks and even an indoor play space, there’s something for every member of the family to enjoy. Parents can relax and connect with other families while their little ones have fun in the bounce house or at the activity stations.

For older kids, ages 6-12, the Bitcoin STEM Camp, in partnership with Science, Technology and Mathematicsoffers a hands-on educational journey into the world of Bitcoin technology. Parents can drop off their older children to learn for two days, guided by experienced instructors. Kids will delve into topics like 3D printing, cryptology, node setup, and even game design in Minecraft. It’s a chance for young Bitcoin enthusiasts to deepen their understanding of the digital currency in a fun and engaging way.

As the world of Bitcoin continues to expand, one group of parents is pioneering a unique approach to introducing Bitcoin to the next generation. Inspired by their own Bitcoin journey, Emily and David Bailey welcomed their first child around the genesis of their now world-famous Bitcoin conferences, Bitcoin 2019, in San Francisco, California. Two years later, their conference had grown significantly, and after witnessing the half-tracks and expansive art gallery in Miami for Bitcoin 2021, the Baileys envisioned a space where families could come together to explore, learn, and play in the exciting world of Bitcoin. And so, Satoshi Summer Camp was born this year.

“We wanted to create an experience that not only educates kids about Bitcoin, but also fosters a sense of community among families,” says Emily Bailey. “Bitcoin is more than a financial tool; it’s a culture, and we want to make sure everyone, including kids, feels included and excited about its potential.”

Space for Satoshi Summer Camp is limited and families are encouraged to reserve their spots early to avoid missing out on this unique opportunity. There are two types of passes: one for the Fun Zone (aimed at children ages 5 and under) and one that includes BSTEM for children ages 6-12.

Founded by long-time Bitcoin advocate Zach Shelton and based in Virginia, BSTEM specializes in offering engaging STEM programming designed specifically for young Bitcoin enthusiasts. With a team of experienced instructors and a focus on hands-on learning, BSTEM is the perfect partner for Satoshi Summer Camp’s educational efforts.

In their quest to offer a memorable experience for families, Satoshi Summer Camp and BSTEM are collaborating with a handful of other Bitcoin companies to build a comprehensive and complete platform for children. Satoshi Summer Camp is pleased to announce the Tuttle Twins as a sponsor and partner with kid-approved cartoons and books for campers to enjoy. Crafts will include a Lightning-shaped piggy bank for kids, courtesy of Lightning Pigand Bitcoin Monster Character Design with Spiral Here comes BitcoinCampers will also learn about new games Shitty love and MercadoLibreChildrenParents can join in the fun and meet the artists, authors and creators who support Bitcoin families.

“Bitcoin is not strictly an ideology. Culture is malleable. We have to remember that they are kids and what it means to be a Bitcoiner will surely change over the next decade as our children become adults,” Bailey explained. “Our goal is to make it fun for kids.”

Campers and their families will be able to explore the Expo Hall through “guided tours.” Destinations include the Mining Village, the art gallery, and the opportunity to participate in a collaborative mural by Marco Santini.

Camp begins on Friday, July 26 and continues on Saturday, July 27. The Family Fun Zone welcomes families for a day of games and scheduled activities, designed to come and go as they please. The Bitcoin STEM program begins at 9 a.m. daily and concludes at 4:30 p.m. Lunch and snacks will be provided to all campers, both days. On Industry Day, July 25, there will be a soft opening where the playground will be open for free play from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

As the Bitcoin 2024 conference approaches, anticipation is growing for Satoshi’s Summer Camp. Families from around the world are gearing up for a weekend of fun, learning, and community building in Music City, where the spirit of Bitcoin will be alive and thriving. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking event!

To reserve a spot for your child, please visit their website today.

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