July 14, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

It would take a lot to get OG Fallout leader Tim Cain to return to the series: “The first question out of my mouth is 'What's new about this?'”

With Fallout back on everyone's minds after the success of the new show, the original game's lead developer, Tim Cain, has been weighing in on different aspects of the series about his Youtube channel. Although Fallout clearly still means a lot to him, Cain He didn't seem willing to return to the series. by responding to frequent queries from its viewers.

“There are a lot of different questions that are being asked,” Cain said. “Would I want to remake Fallout as a 3D game? Are you asking me if I would like to do a Fallout spin-off like Fallout: New Vegas? Do I want to do Fallout 5?” Whatever he thinks of those respective possibilities, Cain was clear that he’s not concerned about authority, creative freedom, or even salary — within reason, of course. Cain explained that his primary motivation, especially now that he’s semi-retired, is his own interest in a project.

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