July 14, 2024
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JBL Live 770NC Review

I'm excited to review the newly released one. JBL Live 770NC headphones, now available in the US Having appreciated the previous versions, I'm eager to evaluate whether these $200 headphones maintain the quality of their predecessors and justify their price. Let's dive into the review and see what they have to offer!

What you get
JBL Live 770NC Headphones
USB-C charging cable
Detachable audio cable

JBL Live770NC Review

look and feel
Reviewing the blue version of these headphones, I notice that they are incredibly lightweight, which is great for long listening sessions. However, the thin plastic construction gives off a slightly cheap feel, although the plush ear cushions provide excellent comfort. The soft material on the top of the headphones adds a touch of sophistication to the design. However, the abundance of buttons on one side can be a little overwhelming to navigate; I wish they were evenly distributed on both sides for easier control. Overall, they look attractive and offer comfort, but I wish they had a more distinct look compared to previous models.

Design and functionality
In terms of design, the JBL Vivo 770NC The headphones feature 40mm drivers that deliver immersive JBL Spatial Sound, turning stereo content into a virtual surround sound experience. For added functionality, they automatically play and pause when removed, facilitating smooth transitions between uses. With built-in support for voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, users can effortlessly manage smart devices hands-free. Additionally, the headphones allow for a multipoint connection, allowing you to seamlessly switch between devices like computers and smartphones without losing the connection. Additionally, the high-quality microphone ensures clear and accurate voice calls, improving overall usability.

JBL Live770NC Review

African National Congress
I was pleasantly surprised at how effective the true adaptive noise cancellation is on the JBL Live 770NC headphones. With four noise-detecting microphones, it completely eliminates distractions, whether I'm reading books or immersing myself in music. Additionally, the Smart Ambient feature impressed me by enhancing ambient sounds without sacrificing audio quality, adding an extra layer of comfort to my listening experience.

The JBL Live 770NC headphones have Bluetooth 5.3 and support LE Audio for better wireless connections and sound quality. You get two modes: one for great music and calls, and another for smooth audio and video syncing for movies and games. Plus, updates keep them up to date with new features and improvements.

JBL Live770NC Review

The JBL Live 770NC headphones boast impressive battery life, offering up to 65 hours of continuous music playback with ANC disabled, ensuring uninterrupted listening sessions. Even with ANC activated, users can enjoy up to 50 hours of playback, providing enough power for extended use without the need for frequent recharges.

sound stage
I was impressed with the soundstage of the JBL Live 770NC headphones, particularly their intense bass presence, evident when listening to tracks like Three Threes' “Sunshine Miss,” which sounded exceptionally good. Despite the powerful bass, the mids and highs remain clear and present. However, when switching to other genres, I found the bass to be a little overpowering at times. Additionally, I particularly appreciate the stereo layering and layout, which contribute to an immersive listening experience, further enhancing the overall soundstage of these headphones.

JBL Live770NC Review

low end
For bass enthusiasts, these Bluetooth headphones are the best option as they deliver fast, punchy bass that is always present without overshadowing other frequencies. The bass takes up just the right amount of space, leaving room for the lower mids to shine as well. What's more, I had a great time adjusting the equalizer settings using the JBL app; It's easy to customize the bass to suit your preferences.

The midrange of these headphones is perfect, with a perfect balance between the low mids and highs. Listening to Tors' “Happy Enough,” each guitar sounded fantastic, showcasing the headphones' ability to reproduce midrange detail. Whether it's vocals, guitars or other mid-range sounds, the JBL Live 770NC headphones deliver rich, clear audio.

The treble of these headphones stands out positively, even in the middle of bass-heavy tracks. Its clarity and precision enhance the listening experience, ensuring that every instrument and voice shines with crisp detail. Whether it's delicate piano melodies or soaring vocals, these headphones provide a complete audio experience that's sure to impress.

JBL Live770NC Review
Priced at $200, the JBL Vivo 770NC The headphones have been a pleasant surprise and offer incredible value for the features they include. With impressive battery life, I've enjoyed uninterrupted music playback all day long, whether I'm out and about or working from home. The active noise cancellation feature has been a game-changer, allowing me to block out distractions and fully immerse myself in my favorite playlists. What really stands out is the headphones' powerful bass response, which adds depth and emotion to every track I listen to, without overshadowing the nuances of the music. Additionally, the EQ app has been a useful tool for tailoring the sound to my preferences, ensuring my listening experience is always just right. Overall, the JBL Live 770NC headphones have exceeded my expectations and offer exceptional performance and versatility that make them one of the best competitors in their price range.

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