July 14, 2024
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JBL Sound Equipment Sense Review

I'm excited to try and review the new one. JBL stereo sensor. They offer a departure from the headphones I've reviewed recently, with a distinctive open-ear design. It's been a while since I've tried this style, so I'm excited to see how they compare. Join me as I explore this exciting new addition to the headphone market!

What you get
JBL Soundgear Sense headphones
USB-C charging cable
Charging case

look and feel
Using the JBL Soundgear Sense for hours and hours, I almost forgot I had them on, until I paused the music and realized they were still comfortably in place. Despite their sturdy design, I found them remarkably lightweight, perfect for extended listening sessions. Once fitted, I felt like they were made just for me. The rotating enclosures allowed me to adjust the angle of the drivers for custom comfort, ensuring that even after hours of use, they remained a pleasure to use. Additionally, the added flexibility of the plastic neckband gave me added peace of mind, allowing me to fully immerse myself in my music without worry.

Design and functionality
The JBL Soundgear Sense comes equipped with four microphones, ensuring clear calls even in noisy environments. Accessing all smart controls is easy, improving the overall user experience. With two 16.2mm drivers and advanced technology, these headphones deliver pure sound for an immersive listening experience. Powered by JBL OpenSound technology, they maintain natural sound with minimal leakage, ensuring audio quality and privacy. Intuitive touch controls on each earbud, along with customizable settings in the My JBL Headphones app, offer a personalized audio experience that adapts to individual preferences.

JBL Soundgear Sense supports Dual Connect and Sync functionality, along with Fast Pair, taking advantage of Bluetooth 5.3 for efficient and stable connectivity across multiple devices. This advanced technology ensures seamless pairing and seamless switching between devices, improving the overall user experience.

JBL Soundgear Sense offers up to 24 hours of battery life on a single charge, ensuring long listening sessions without interruptions. With the convenience of fast charging, a 15-minute quick charge provides an additional 4 hours of music playback, perfect for when you're on the go.

The JBL Soundgear Sense's IP54 rating signifies its resistance to dust exposure and its ability to withstand water splashes from all directions. This makes them suitable companions for sweaty workouts or light rain showers, although they are not designed for underwater use. With this rating, these headphones promise durability and reliability, ensuring peace of mind in various conditions.

sound stage
While the JBL Soundgear Sense excels at delivering impressive mids and highs; They are not designed for deep bass enthusiasts. When listening to EDM music, I found myself craving more bass presence. However, despite not being the loudest headphones, their overall sound quality is still impressive. With the JBL app, users can fine-tune their listening experience by adjusting the frequencies in the equalizer, ensuring that even the bass sounds satisfyingly rich. Perfect for everyday use while traveling, these headphones offer a balanced and enjoyable listening experience, especially for those who prioritize clarity and detail in their music.

low end
As mentioned above in the soundstage section, the JBL Soundgear Sense may not completely satisfy those who crave deep bass. While the bass is sufficient, it leans toward the lighter side, prompting me to adjust the EQ for a more pronounced low-frequency response to suit my personal taste.

The mids on the JBL Soundgear Sense are truly extraordinary and I can't praise them enough. The soundstage they create is spacious, with incredible stereo extension that enhances the listening experience. The overlap is exceptional, allowing each instrument to be heard clearly and contributing to an overall fantastic sound quality. Overall, the mids shine brightly, showcasing the headphones' ability to play music clearly and accurately.

I absolutely love the treble of the JBL Soundgear Sense, especially how they reproduce vocals and pianos with amazing clarity. They strike the perfect balance with the mids, contributing to a pleasant and well-rounded listening experience. Overall, I can't find anything to criticize in the highs; They effortlessly complement the rest of the sound spectrum.

In conclusion, the JBL The Soundgear Sense has really impressed me, earning a solid overall rating of 9.2/10. Unlike many other JBL headphones known for their rich bass, Soundgear Sense offers a balanced sound profile that suits various preferences. Customizable EQ settings through the app enhance its versatility for every listener. With excellent battery life and a lightweight, comfortable design, these headphones are perfect for extended listening sessions on the go. Overall, the JBL Soundgear Sense is a great choice for anyone looking for high-quality audio with comfort and versatility.

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