July 17, 2024
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kitchen towel flags

This simple and absorbing activity is a hands-on way to learn about the different flags of the world and can turn into a colorful scientific investigation. The idea is to use washable markers to draw a flag on half a sheet of kitchen paper. The tea towel is then folded in half so that the colors cannot be seen until the tea towel is placed in water. When the towel gets wet, the ink dissolves in the water and is absorbed by the top layer of the tea towel, revealing the colors of the flag!

We used the idea behind this activity to learn about the Euro 2024 flags, but any drawing will work.

Flags of the world

You will need to

Washable markers

Kitchen paper/kitchen paper

A shallow plate or tray.


Materials needed for a paper towel absorption activity.


Fold a sheet of kitchen towel in half. Decide which flag to draw.

Use a marker to draw the outline on the front fold of the tea towel.

Open the tea towel and color the flag inside.

Fold the tea towel again so that the black outline is on the front.

Paper Towel Banner Activity

Pour a small amount of water onto a plate or tray.

Carefully place the folded dish towel in the water and watch as the colors rise to the surface, coloring the outline of the flag.

France flag on a kitchen towel for a scientific activity

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Magic paper towel flags science activity.

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