July 14, 2024
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Live coverage of the NVIDIA Computex 2024 keynote!

I managed to attend NVIDIA's exclusive Keynote at Computex 2024! Join me as I cover it live at the NTU Sports Center!

Please UPDATE the live updates page, in case they don't appear.

Live coverage of the NVIDIA Computex 2024 keynote!

Despite the flight delay, I managed to make it to NVIDIA's exclusive Keynote at Computex 2024. Join me as I cover it live at the NTU (National Taiwan University) Sports Center here in downtown Taipei!

5:35 pm: It's a rainy, gloomy day, but NVIDIA's keynote at Computex 2024 is fully booked!

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Live coverage of the NVIDIA Computex 2024 keynote!

5:55 PM: The waiting area is full of people! 😅

Live coverage of the NVIDIA Computex 2024 keynote!

6:15 pm: Finally get a chance to catch up with old friends 😆

6:23 pm: Inside the NVIDIA conference room, NTU Sports Center

Live coverage of the NVIDIA Computex 2024 keynote!

6:57 pm: The MC just announced that NVIDIA's keynote for Computex 2024 is about to begin… Stay tuned!

Live coverage of the NVIDIA Computex 2024 keynote!

7:10 pm: The NVIDIA main event has just started with an intro video!

7:12 p.m.: Jensen Huang appears on stage.

19:13: Jensen Huang talks about the importance of NVIDIA partners in Taiwan.

Live coverage of the NVIDIA Computex 2024 keynote!

7:15 pm: Jensen Huang starts the Omniverse demo which he said is created entirely using computer graphics.

7:18 pm: Jensen Huang made a joke about the video and said in Hokkien: It's not so bad, right? Beh pai kuah hoh?

7:20 PM: Jensen Huang talks about the dangers of computational inflation, due to slowing CPU scaling (performance).

19:25: Huang's law? The more you buy, the more you save. 😆

7:35: Jensen Huang – CUDA has achieved the virtuous cycle.

7:36: Jensen Huang introduces NVIDIA Earth-2, a digital twin of planet Earth, built on his Corridiff AI. Interestingly, the world is focused on Malaysia!

7:40: Jensen said that while he was writing the words, AI was used to make him appear to be speaking in Mandarin in that Earth-2 video.

NVIDIA Earth-2

7:50 pm: Tesla invented an AC generator, NVIDIA invented an AI generator.

19:51: The $3 trillion IT industry will soon support $100 trillion of industry.

19:53: The computer industry has reinvented itself. In the past, computers retrieved existing data, while in the future, computers will generate data. Generative AI will drive a complete reinvention.

7:54 pm: NVIDIA Inference Microservice (NIM) delivers pre-trained AI models, packaged and optimized to run on the CUDA installed base.

NVIDIA Inference Microservice (NIM)

20:02: Jensen Huang shows off the ultra-realism of NVIDIA's current “digital humans.”

NVIDIA Digital Humans

8:14 pm: Jensen Huang shows off a production unit of the NVIDIA Blackwell DB200 superchip, which features two Blackwell GPUs and a Grace CPU.

20:16: NVIDIA Blackwell reduced the energy needed to train GPT4-1.8T by 350 times in the last 8 years.

NVIDIA Blackwell production unit

8:20 pm: The NVIDIA DGX Blackwell GB200 superchip offers significantly higher performance in a single GPU domain than the previous DGX Hopper.

8:24 pm: Jensen Huang shows off the huge NVLink column used in NVIDIA DGX Blackwell.

8:30 pm: NVIDIA Spectrum-X switches will scan from tens of thousands of GPUs (Spectrum-X800) to hundreds of thousands of GPUs in next year's Spectrum-X800 Ultra, and the future Spectrum-X1600 will support millions of GPUs.

8:34 pm: NVIDIA continues its year-long pace for data center platforms, which are designed to be fully integrated but offered to customers as non-segregated options.

20:37: NVIDIA will introduce the Blackwell Ultra GPU next year, with the Spectrum X-1600 switch.

8:38 pm: Jensen Huang reveals that Rubin is the codename for NVIDIA's post-Blackwell platform!

NVIDIA Rubin platform revealed

8:47 pm: The video shows the new Foxconn factory designed with NVIDIA Omniverse. The Omniverse Digital Twin is also used to train its robots.

8:54 pm: Jensen Huang shows examples of humanoid robots, as well as more “conventional” looking robots.

8:55 pm: The video shows Taiwan's contribution to NVIDIA's success story. The audience applauds enthusiastically at the end of the video.

20:57: NVIDIA Keynote ends! Thanks for staying tuned!

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