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Maxis rushes to launch broadband offers – too little, too late!

Maxis has just launched its own broadband deals and is offering a free speed upgrade for existing customers. He finds out why it's actually too little too late.

New maxis Home Broadband deals in October 2023!

In early October 2023, Unifi Announced that all broadband customers will receive a free upgrade to their Internet speeds – up to 3 times their current speeds!

Weeks later, on October 27, 2023, Maxis belatedly announces new 1 Gbps and 2 Gbps broadband packages, as well as its own broadband deals to fight back. Unfortunately, they are too few and too late.

In addition to introducing the new 1Gbps and 2Gbps (overkill) packages, Maxis announced RM10 discounts for its cheapest broadband packages.

Price *
2 Gbps (new)N/ARM319N/A
1 Gbps (new)N/ARM249Free maximum wifi
300MbpsRM149RM 139RM129

*Only for new subscribers, and applicable to the first 24 months.

However, the pitiful RM10 discount is limited to new subscribersand even so, only for him first 24 months! After that, the price returns to the previous “New Price” list.

This is quite different from Digi or Unifi, whose prices are not limited to the first 24 months:

2Gbps RM319RM289N/A
500MbpsRM 149 x 24
So RM159
RM 139RM149
300MbpsLiving room 129 x 24
RM129Free 6 months
100MbpsRM 89 x 24

*After free speed update

If you are already a customer, Maxis has announced a free speed update for clients in 100 Mbps or faster packages. However, details about this free update (how much faster and when they will take effect) are just arriving. November 2023.

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I switched from Maxis to Digi to save RM1.9K per year!

New maxis Business Broadband deals in October 2023!

Maxis also announced a new 1Gbps business broadband package, but curiously did not offer a 2Gbps package for business users. You'd think a business would need a 2Gbps package more than home users, right?

In any case, Maxis offers slightly better discounts on its business broadband packages. However, you must be a new subscriberand you must register by November 30, 2023!

If you are already a customer, too bad, very sad. Unlike Home Fiber customers, Maxis did not announce any free speed upgrades for its Business Broadband customers. It seems like the only way to get an upgrade and save money is probably migrate to a different provider

Price *
1 Gbps (new)RM189
(early riser)
299 ringgitN/A
500MbpsRM269RM 219199 ringgit
300MbpsRM149RM179RM 139
100MbpsRM 139RM 119RM99

*Only for new subscribers who sign up before November 30, 2023

That being said, a quick review of your April prices Prove that Maxis really offered cheaper prices back then!

The 1Gbps package was only RM189 – RM110 less than its “new price”, while the 300Mbps package was only RM149 – RM30 less than its new price, and only RM10 more than its October-November 2023 promotional price. .

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