July 15, 2024
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Meze Audio – ALBA IEM Review

Companies like campfire audio, 64 Audio, Shozy We have a new competitor to pay attention to. Of course, this company has already ventured into this area of ​​audio, but Meze Audio has launched its second model of in-ear monitors: ALBA. In-ear monitors are an industry standard for musicians in general, and Meze Audio hopes to add this new model to the list. With an affordable price of $149.99, let's get into the details of this particular pair of monitors.

What does the box contain?

  • ALBA monitors with pearl white finish
  • 2-pin (0.78 mm) connectors with 3.5 mm jack termination
  • 2-pin (0.78 mm) connectors with 4.4 mm jack termination
  • Zippered wallet in white eco-leather
  • x4 pairs of ear tips (XS, S, M, L)
  • USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter

Aesthetics and Functionality

ALBA is presented as the second IEM design that Meze Audio has made, after ADVAR. The ALBA is made from a zinc alloy and an anodized aluminum piece and has a pearl white finish. In the box, you get two different cables, each with a 2-pin termination for connecting to the monitors on one side, while the other is a 3.5mm jack and a 4.4mm jack. The monitors are easy to connect to color-coordinated tips and there are 4 sizes of ear tips you can use for optimal comfort. This is a step down from the 5 provided with ADVAR, but you still have plenty of options. There's also a white eco-leather case that closes with a zipper, as well as a USB-C to headphone jack (M to F) adapter. The whole setup to put on the headphones and start listening takes very little time.

The ALBA is definitely a pair of monitors that says class. Its all-white design makes it look fit for royalty, with its shiny silver logo reflecting in the light. The monitors fit comfortably in your ears and from the way they fit, I know they will stay there for hours and hours of use. I could definitely see musicians wearing them, as the lightweight feel and secure fit make them seem like a reliable pair for such an occasion. Not only that, but the design makes it a neutral and subtle accessory that would help any artist. If not done, causal listening with these is comfortable and relaxing.

Technical specifications

  • Driver: 10.8mm dynamic
  • Frequency range: 15Hz – 25kHz
  • Impedance: 32Ω at 1k Hz
  • SPL: 109 dB SPL/V at 1 kHz
  • Distortion:

Hearing check

sound stage

The soundstage of these IEMs is quite wide. Once you connect, you immediately enter your own space where you can enjoy your own audio. The sound isolation kicks in immediately, as you would expect from an IEM. You get a nice stereo image and can clearly establish where all the instruments are in the field and where the layers are in a more complex track. The frequency range is just outside the normal range for the human ear, giving them a little more room to make the audio feel more natural coming from the monitor. In my opinion, sound insulation is always a good plus; You'll be able to enjoy your own tracks without worrying about the sound flooding the room around you.

Low frequencies

The bass is very direct and direct, leaving nothing unsaid. When a bass goes down, you go down with it! The bass has a lot of weight to it, making each bass instrument sound loud and heavy. When I was listening to “This Is A Life” by Mitski, all the bass synths were really accentuated and had a lot of body. Even in more classical pieces, there was plenty of room for the percussion and low strings to exist and move freely rather than being crowded and nowhere to sound.

Midrange frequencies

The stereo field was clear as day in this range, with engaging sound quality and distinctive lyrics. Sometimes it's difficult to get a clear picture of all the elements happening in a song, but with the clever noise isolation, I was able to hear everything without problems. I listened to many songs while wearing the ALBA, mainly because it was easy to get lost in such quality sound. “Bahlam Maak” by Najat Al Saghira is a song I fell in love with again. The upper mids made the vocals shine and the lower ranges let the percussion have their space. No part surpassed the other and everything had a clear balance.

High frequencies

The high frequencies had amazing clarity and there wasn't a track I heard that I didn't like how they were presented. They were crisp and clean, and helped alleviate some of the heavy bass that appeared in many modern songs. The higher voices, says Sabrina Carpenter, are clear and the sibilance is not overwhelming. Her song “Espresso” shows this balance and accentuated highs. Many genres have ample room to breathe and show off their wide range of frequencies.


In conclusion, Meze Audio has once again offered a quality product. ALBA IEMs are comfortable, stylish and offer quality sound without breaking the bank. Musicians of all types and music listeners will be able to use them with ease and fall in love with their favorite tracks. This is a pair I could see myself wearing for a while, and I can definitely see myself worn for focus in the workplace or just for entertaining. Either way, no matter how you use them, the price can't be beat and they should be on everyone's list!

The Meze ALBA is available in Audio46.

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