July 17, 2024
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More than meets the eye: exploring the art of Optimus Prime in the Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS collaboration

Overwatch 2 teams up for another exciting collaboration with the iconic TRANSFORMERS franchise. Featuring four all-new Legendary skins for select Overwatch 2 heroes. Now you can fight in an epic AUTOBOTS vs. DECEPTICONS battle, as Optimus Prime x Reinhardt, Bumblebee x Bastion, and Arcee x Illari take on the menacing Megatron x Ramattra.

It's time to get out and connect. Supervision 2 on Xbox, where you can get Optimus Prime Reinhardt and other Transformers favorites in the in-game store or on the Microsoft Store. You can even get all four designs in the action-packed Transformers Mega Bundle. Play for free and earn cool Autobot- and Decepticon-themed player icons, name cards and titles as you battle in your favorite game. Supervision 2 game modes. But hurry: this unique collaboration event ends on July 22.

To celebrate the collaboration, Blizzard Korea Studio’s Bobby Kim shared what it was like creating the concept art and design for Optimus Prime Reinhardt, and how it felt to bring the two worlds together.

How exciting was it to do Optimus Prime x Reinhardt for the new Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS collaboration?

Bobby Kim: It is the TRANSFORMERS series after all! TRANSFORMERS is one of the best action robot franchises out there and it gets people's hearts racing, so I knew this was a project I wanted to take on.

TRANSFORMERS and Overwatch are a great combination. Optimus Prime is the leader of the AUTOBOTS and after seeing his bravery in attacking the DECEPTICONS, I thought he was a perfect fit for Reinhardt. I was also eager to incorporate Optimus Prime's silhouette onto Reinhardt.

What was important about Optimus Prime that you wanted to make sure was included in the design?

Bobby Kim: When developing the design, I tried to integrate the rugged, truck-like design that Optimus Prime is known for, such as the front windshield and exhaust pipe on the shoulders of the design, to make it look more like a speeding truck when charging. I also tried to use sharper, more angular parts throughout the design, which I think captured the iconic look of Optimus Prime.

Are there any fun features about the skin that players should look out for?

Bobby Kim: One of my favorite aspects of this skin is the windshield wipers. The technical artist did an amazing job bringing my vision to life. The skin is also filled with other mechanical parts that move around, adding a touch of realism. I can't wait for our players to put this skin on and head into battle to experience these fun features.

What are some of your favorite TRANSFORMERS experiences that you'd like to share?

Bobby Kim: I remember watching the TRANSFORMERS series on TV as a kid with my eyes wide open. The robots inspired many kids to let their imaginations run wild. It seemed to me that every car on the road could transform at any time, and I still daydream about it sometimes after all these years. Although I didn't have the chance to own one of the toys back then, being part of this collaboration seems like the coolest gift I could give my childhood self.

Overall, this collaboration was a fantastic experience. Bringing Optimus Prime and other TRANSFORMERS characters, such as Megatron, Bumblebee, and Arcee, into the world of Overwatch was a dream come true.

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