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At Science Sparks we love audiobooks and podcasts, especially if they are science related. Several years ago, we reviewed a brilliant audiobook of Rockford's Rock Opera, now called Lost in infinityThe audiobook tells the story of a boy named Moog and his dog, who accidentally end up on Infinity Island, where the last member of each species lives. The catchy songs and funny characters made the story extremely enjoyable while also dealing with a serious subject, and it's something we've heard time and time again over the past few years.

Chapters 1 and 2 and associated lesson plans are available for free download or streaming at Rockford's rock opera website.

We were intrigued to discover a new podcast, Stories, Science and Secrets, which has just been released, packed with interesting and fact-filled discussions on the themes explored in Lost on Infinity.

Lost in the infinite: Rockford's rock opera

Each episode features a chapter from Lost on Infinity, followed by chats with the podcast's creators and expert guests, including wildlife TV hosts and comedians, where they explore the science behind the story and answer listener questions.

Stories, science and secrets This is a fantastic podcast to teach kids about endangered animals, extinction, biomimicry, and ecology.

The final episode has just been released and we can't wait to hear it.

A main theme throughout the stories is biomimicry.

What is biomimicry?

Biomimicry is learning from nature to solve problems, innovate and create materials and products. Biography means life, and mimicry means to imitate.

Nature is full of ingenious ideas and solutions that have evolved over the life of our planet to coexist with the Earth.

Examples of biomimicry

The podcast explores real-life examples of biomimicry. Did you know that bones and bamboo inspired the design of the Eiffel Tower and that cockle seeds inspired Velcro?

Sloth fur is excellent at absorbing water vapor, so researchers are studying it to create new energy-efficient building materials.

Shark skin has helped scientists develop new germ-resistant surfaces.

The ocean is now being cleaned of plastic thanks to a filter inspired by the mouth of the whale shark.

There is a huge directory of links to Research and discoveries around biomimicry on the Rockford Rock Opera website, which we found fascinating.

Isn't the natural world amazing?

Stories, science and secrets It is a hopeful, engaging and inspiring vision of the future. My 6-year-old son has loved listening to the stories, and my older children and I have enjoyed the conversations. We have all learned a great deal and are now fascinated by the possibilities of biomimicry and surprised by how little we know about it.

Where can I listen to Stories, Science and Secrets?

The first five episodes are available on the website and all 15 can be streamed via Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and anywhere else you listen to podcasts.

I'm also really excited to see that all the Rockford Rock Opera stories are available on Yoto and Voxblock. My 6 year old loves his Yoto so I'll definitely be adding all the Rockford Rock Opera stories. Rockford's rock opera cards for your collection.

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