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Sennheiser Momentum Sport Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience the remarkable audio capabilities of the Sennheiser impulse 4 headphones. Intrigued by his performance, he eagerly looked forward to exploring the sports version: the Sennheiser Momentum Sport. In this detailed review, we'll take a deep look at every aspect of these headphones, from their design and comfort during workouts to their durability and sound quality during outdoor activities. Read on to see if Momentum Sport lives up to your active lifestyle expectations. Explore how these headphones perform during workouts and outdoor activities.

What you get
Sennheiser Momentum Sport Headphones
Ear Tip Sets (XS/S/M/L)
Ear fin sets (S/M/L)
Charging case and USB-C cable
Clip-on band for portable carrying
Quick guide and safety guide.

look and feel
The design of the Sennheiser Momentum Sport headphones is exceptionally comfortable, making them a pleasure to wear for extended periods. In fact, they're the smallest headphones I've ever tested, and I'm particularly in love with the sleek matte black color option. Their comfortable fit ensures that you won't have to worry about them falling off during activities. As for the case, it's a significant upgrade over the Momentum 4, with a square shape and a lightweight but sleek matte black finish.

Design and functionality
Sennheiser's Momentum Sport features a revamped 10mm driver, promising vibrant sound and deep bass to power your workouts. Combating ear pressure and distractions, an innovative acoustic relief channel minimizes noise from breathing and footsteps. Whether you prefer to remain aware of your surroundings or fully immerse yourself, the semi-open design offers flexibility with transparency mode. In addition, features such as active noise cancellation and anti-wind mode optimize concentration during outdoor activities. Designed for durability, the earbuds have an IP55 rating for moisture and dust resistance, while the charging case, with wireless charging capability, has an IP54 rating.

adaptive ANC
Despite their semi-open design, the Momentum Sport headphones feature active noise cancellation (ANC) for effective sound cancellation. You can easily control the ANC functionality within the app and I found it works exceptionally well, ensuring an immersive and focused listening experience.

APP: Heart rate and body temperature tracking
Impressed with all aspects, the Sennheiser Momentum Sport app left a lasting impression on me when I tested these headphones. Seamlessly combining top-notch sound with advanced tracking features is truly extraordinary. Its recent integration with Polar, my favorite fitness app, has only increased its appeal, allowing for effortless syncing with my Polar fitness tracker. Monitoring my heart rate and body temperature while enjoying my music has been seamless and revealing, offering valuable data to optimize workouts. Powered by Polar technology and rigorously tested to ensure accuracy, the app provides valuable insights that keep me engaged and motivated at all times.

The Sennheiser Momentum Sport offers up to six hours of battery life, with three additional charges provided by the case, and a 10-minute quick charge provides 45 minutes of use.

Sennheiser Momentum Sport, with Bluetooth 5.2, ensures seamless connectivity for hassle-free pairing.

sound stage
Sennheiser Momentum Sport comes close to the sound quality of the Momentum 4, offering a balanced soundstage with clear, vibrant tones. Despite focusing on bass for workouts, the earbuds maintain a nice balance and provide rich bass without overshadowing other elements. In different musical genres, I always found the sound quality impressive. Additionally, the equalizer settings in the app allowed me to easily customize the sound to my preferences.

low end
I love the bass on the Sennheiser Momentum Sport; It's deep and punchy without drowning out the mids or highs. Even during my run, the bass remained punchy and satisfying, adding an extra layer of motivation to my workout without compromising clarity. Overall, the bass response of these headphones really enhances the listening experience, especially for those who appreciate a strong bass presence.

The Sennheiser Momentum Sport's mid-range performance is truly noteworthy, displaying clarity, warmth, and a nice sense of detail. In particular, when I played “Waves” from Thinking About You, the vocals and instruments were performed with exceptional clarity and precision, creating a captivating listening experience.

The Sennheiser Momentum Sport's treble sounds exceptional, delivering clarity and precision that truly impresses. Listening to them, the treble feels immersive, with a vivid sense of directionality that makes it seem like it's coming from behind or above. In particular, the separation between the treble, mids and bass is excellent, eliminating the need for any additional boost in the EQ, which is a rarity for me.

I'm really impressed with the Sennheiser Momentum Sport headphones, particularly for their seamless integration of heart rate and body temperature monitoring while maintaining exceptional audio quality. Despite its powerful bass, the mids and highs remain top-notch, resulting in a perfectly balanced sound profile. Additionally, their comfortable and lightweight design enhances their appeal, making them a worthwhile investment. Personally, given my active lifestyle, I would opt for these instead of Impulse 4 without hesitation.

Sennheiser Momentum Sport Is available in Audio46.

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