July 17, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA
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Shamballa – TPS – Spanish

The day of the ecliptic alignment between the Sun, the Earth and Merakhe leader Star of the Big bearSource of 1street Ray of Will-Power, we present some guidelines of the Trans-Himalayan esoteric Teaching on Shamballahe Solar Government of our Planet.

There is a Evolutionary plan that carries out a planetary Purpose, guarded by Consciousnesses superior to the human one, is not only a plausible hypothesis, but intelligent, not to say necessary: ​​how would we do it? save We would protect ourselves from self-destruction if the human race living on the physical plane of this small planet lost in universal infinity… were really the pinnacle of existence?

According to esoteric sources, once Human (individual) and now higher Consciousnesses, called Masters of Wisdom or Initiates, are guiding human and planetary evolution from the most 'subtle', internal, spiritual or divine worlds, as the higher levels of the Soul (group or solar Consciousness) or the Spirit (planetary or cosmic Consciousness) are defined.

An important triad of Planetary centersShamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity – thus places itself at the summit and at the helm of our planetary existence.

Extract from: Alice A. Bailey – The Externalization of Hierarchy, p. 89

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