July 17, 2024
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Signs from the Heavens year 6.3-2024 – 3rd quarter – TPS – English

The third causal impulse of the annual cycle, the june solstice (June 20, 2024 h. 8:52 pm UTC), see the primary Earth-Sun Direction (the disciple-Humanity And the soul-Hierarchy in the center) activate the Capricorn-Cancer Axis, the Summit and the Valley, the Gate of the gods and the Men's Gate.

Capricorn-Cancer Polarity – Adriano N.

At the heliocentric level, 4 other planets innervate the incipit (beginning) of the relevant Signs, an indicator this of force (the first 'quality' of the first 5 degrees, consecrated to the 1st Ray of Will or Power): beyond the Earth, we have Pluto in Aquarius, opposite Mercury in Leo, sextile with Mars in Aries and trine with magnified Jupiter in Gemini. (2nd Ray, both planetary and zodiacal; starting June 6, 2024).

Jupiter, in sextile with Mercury, establishes a configuration of greater intensity with the Earth (two quincunxes of 150° with a sextile of 60° form the so-called 'finger of God', now pointed precisely in our Planetary House/Consciousness).

The main need for this additional step towards conscious cooperation with the constructive energies from within and without high heavens is summarized in the Triad of Ideas of the Heliocentric Solstitial Formula:

Solstice June 20, 2024 h. 8:52 pm UTC – heliocentric

Harmony, power, unity!

The opposition of the fiery Thought – Mercury (ruler of the Fourth Human Hierarchy and esoteric ruler of Aries) to the reformer Pluto (esoteric ruler of Pisces), as well as his beautiful balanced trines with the two Lords of Desire, the powerful Mars in his sign Aries and the powerful Neptune in his sign Pisces, both in square (90 ° = 1/4 of 360°: aspect of the 4th Ray) to the Earth, orders Union through struggle, Harmony through conflict (4th Ray) between opposites at all levels.

The union between mind and heart, between Humanity and Hierarchy, is the only way out and salvation – is also attested to by the co-presence until 2025 of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, a sign that governs humanity as a whole, as much as ever. sunk, dissolved and raised for the Lord of Karma, of the Light that disintegrates the old and dysfunctional, and for “He who watches over the Christ as the initiator of humanity.”

Also the creative trine of Saturn with the Solar Angel Venus (esoteric ruler of Gemini), now fruitful in Cancer, as well as the constructive quintiles (72°) of Saturn to the Earth in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus (extremely radiant due to the recent great conjunction with Solar Master Jupiter – heliocentrically on March 14 and geocentrically on April 21), serve the only way of salvationthe Plan of Unification between the Hierarchy and Humanity by the World Server Group o Ajna Planetarium Center.

And therefore it can Harmony, power and unity prevail on Earth!


In the Solstitial Sky of the geocentric perspective, which teaches where and how to precipitate evolutionary causal energies, this heliocentric Formula evokes the geocentric response:

Solstice June 20, 2024 h. 20:52 UTC – geocentric

One Humanity is the Artist of Thought

93 – Humanity does not want to realize the power of its own radiations. He keeps repeating vaguely about his likeness to God, but he does not understand the unity of the energy of all the worlds. Establishing even a weak energy unification can provide defensive armor for the planet.

428 – Daydreaming must be transformed into disciplined thinking. The ancient sages advised mothers to pass on stories about heroes to their children and acquaint them with the best songs about great deeds. Is it possible that humanity today wishes to renounce these wise pacts? The Burning World is open first and foremost to heroes, to those who achieve. (World of Fire II, Agni Yoga)

The solstitial Sun enters Cancer in these years square Neptune at the edge of Pisces and quincunx Pluto at the incipit of Aquarius (harmonically, the quincunx, 150° or 5/12 of 360°, is a direction that requires conscious realization of the two energies involved). Solstices then impulses of transition and transformation towards a new world, and, this, the proximity to the Sun of the hermaphrodites Mercury and Venus, the intellect of loveAlso in Cancer, it marks the beginning of a new cycle for mass consciousness, driven, willingly or not, to reinvent itself, to become aware of past legacies and future possibilities.

The vision of new goals and solutions is hindered by human emotional dullness, by attachment to personal feelings and sufferings (the Moon in Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces); but such inner myopia will take into account the extreme drive towards the New (lunar nodes from Libra to Aries), which, despite the pressing “winds of war” (Mars and Uranus in Taurus) that raise the monster of fearadvances undaunted and unstoppable, guaranteed by the Spiritual love of the Heart of One Humanity (Jupiter in Gemini), intact and immortal, which love that moves the sun and the other stars

281 – Fear of the future is the horror of the World. It bursts into life under different concepts. It gradually decomposes the mind and numbs the heart. That fear is false by nature. People know that none of their situations are permanent, so it is wise to prepare something for the future without delay. But the formless and immobile factors of chaos bind consciousness to illusory places. One must intensify his understanding of reality to recognize the falsehood of Maya and understand that the truth lies only in the future, when we approach the Abode of Fire. It is impossible to describe how people try to hide their fear of the future. They try to demonstrate that it is not the future, but the past that should occupy your thoughts. They shamefully avoid anything that reminds them of moving forward. They forget that this attitude constitutes a dangerous poisoning of space. Even in the purest places, waves of said poison can be observed. People also poison each other. But the most beautiful and healthy thought is that of the future. It fits the Burning World. (World of Fire II, Agni Yoga)

Gemini-Sagittarius Polarity – Adriano N.

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