July 14, 2024
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Steam's Most Wanted Game Black Myth: Wukong Now Comes Free With Select RTX 40 Series GPUs

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Nvidia has partnered with Game Science, the developer of Black Myth: Wukong, to offer an attractive bundle. For a limited time, if you purchase a qualifying GeForce RTX 40 Series GPU, desktop PC, or laptop, you'll get a bundle Free copy of Black Myth: Wukong on Steam when the game launches on August 20th.

However, this bundle goes beyond just a free game. Black Myth: Wukong is built with technology that runs best on the latest RTX 40 series hardware. The game uses ray tracinga technique that creates hyper-realistic lighting, shadows and reflections. This level of graphical fidelity was previously impossible in real-time games, but the power of the RTX 40 series GPUs (with dedicated RT cores) makes it possible.

Which RTX 40 series GPUs are eligible?

If you want to get Wukong for free (a game that will normally cost you at least $59.99), you'll need to buy one of the following RTX GPUs, either as a standalone GPU or in a desktop PC. Additionally, some laptop models are also eligible.

  • RTX 4090
  • RTX 4080 SUPER
  • RTX 4080
  • RTX 4070 Ti SUPER
  • RTX 4070 Ti
  • RTX 4070 SUPER
  • RTX 4070
  • Laptop with a GeForce RTX 4090 GPU, RTX 4080 GPU, or RTX 4070 GPU.
Black Myth: Wukong is currently the #1 game on Steam wishlist, source: Steam

Additions to the package

While not strictly part of the package, something that features prominently in Nvidia's marketing is support for Nvidia DLSSan AI technology that improves performance without sacrificing image quality. This means you can play Black Myth: Wukong with additional graphics at smooth frame rates, even on demanding settings. Nvidia Reflection is another cool feature included in this partnership. Reflex technology minimizes system latency, ensuring your in-game actions are instantly translated to the screen. Here’s a quick rundown of what the Black Myth: Wukong GeForce RTX 40 Series bundle offers:

  • Free copy of Black Myth: Wukong on Steam
  • Enhanced visuals with full ray tracing
  • Smooth performance with Nvidia DLSS
  • Ultra-fast responsiveness with Nvidia Reflex
  • Scarlet Pioneer Pumpkin

You will have to go to the Black Myth: Wukong package page For a full list of participating retailers in your country, click the “Buy” button. Once you’ve purchased an eligible RTX 40 Series product, you’ll receive instructions via email on how to redeem your free game and exclusive Trailblazer’s Scarlet Gourd in-game item.

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