July 18, 2024
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Synology introduces ActiveProtect data protection devices!

Synology has just introduced new ActiveProtect data protection devices with a highly scalable architecture. Here is what you need to know…

Synology presents Active protection Data protection devices!

On June 5, 2024, Sinology introduced new ActiveProtect devices during Computex 2024starting with ActiveProtect DP7400!

ActiveProtect is a new series of purpose-built data protection appliances that combine centralized management with a highly scalable architecture to deliver up to 2x faster backups, 2:1 deduplication, and up to 99% less data transmission.

Quick deployments

It takes less than 10 minutes to deploy the Synology ActiveProtect device and just 15 minutes to start protecting your data.

IT teams can quickly deploy ActiveProtect devices in minutes and create comprehensive data protection plans across global policies using a centralized console. ActiveProtect is designed to be intuitive, significantly reducing operating expenses.

Role-based access control

Maintain control over data by granting access permissions, such as workload restore and data viewing rights.

Protect yourself against ransomware

Protect your data with flexible, immutable backups. Instead of a fixed repository lock period, Synology ActiveProtect offers a flexible lock period for your immutable backups.

You can also isolate your data with isolated backups: ActiveProtect supports physical and logical separations across the firewall, by disabling network ports, as well as a shutdown schedule.

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On-demand scalability

Easily scale your data to meet changing business requirements, supporting up to 2,500 sites and backup servers, and up to 150,000 endpoint devices and cloud accounts.

Each ActiveProtect device can operate in standalone or cluster-managed mode. Storage capacity can be stratified with Synology NAS/SAN storage solutions, C2 Object Storage, and other ActiveProtect devices in the cluster.

Additionally, existing Synology Active Backup for Business deployments can be managed from the unified interface, providing high deployment flexibility.

Recover with confidence

Take advantage of full or file-level restore, or perform a P2V (physical-to-virtual) or V2V (virtual-to-virtual) restore to instantly recover data.

Guaranteed data backup

Detect and restore corrupt data, verify backups, and test your disaster recovery strategy in an isolated environment with an integrated hypervisor.

Fast and efficient

Purpose-built ActiveProtect appliances leverage incremental backups with source-side, global, and cross-site deduplication to ensure fast backups and replication with minimal bandwidth usage. ActiveProtect is up to 7x faster when backing up with a typical deduplication ratio of more than 2:1, significantly reducing operational costs.

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Synology ActiveProtect 2024 devices

“The launch of ActiveProtect reflects Synology's relentless commitment to empowering our users with the tools to manage their most valuable asset: data,” said Philip Wong, President and CEO of Synology. “In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face unprecedented challenges in safeguarding their data. “With the new ActiveProtect offering, we aim to empower organizations of all sizes to address cybersecurity challenges head-on.”

ActiveProtect centralizes data protection policies, tasks, and devices across your organization to provide a unified management and control plane. Comprehensive coverage for endpoints, servers, hypervisors, storage systems, databases, and Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services dramatically reduces IT blind spots and the need to operate multiple data protection solutions.

“Organizations are tasked with maintaining overly complex and costly data protection strategies, and we aim to solve all challenges at once with ActiveProtect,” said Jia-Yu Liu, executive vice president of Synology. “ActiveProtect is the culmination of extensive research, development and experience working with our customers. “We are confident in delivering a solution that will exceed the expectations of modern businesses.”

Synology ActiveProtect: Models + Specifications

In Computex 2024Synology only officially introduced one ActiveProtect model: the DP7400, which is a 2U rackmount device.

However, Sinology He also revealed to us that the DP7400 will be followed by two more ActiveProtect devices: a 2U all-flash array device, as well as a slimmer 1U rackmount device.

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SpecificationsSynology ActiveProtect DP7400
Form factor2U
ProcessorAMD EPYC 7272
Management port1 x 1GbE
LAN ports2 x 10GbE
Hard drives10 x 20TB
RAID TypeRAID 6 + 1 hot spare
SSD Cache2 x 3840GB (RAID 1)
Usable Storage140TB
Source data capacity83.5TB
Source device limit350
SaaS account limit3,300

Synology ActiveProtect: Cost + Availability

The Synology ActiveProtect DP7400 will be available for deployment in Q4 2024. There is no timeline for the other two unnamed ActiveProtect models.

Synology will offer a simplified storage-based license for the ActiveProtect device:

  • only hardware cost for the first year, with free software license
  • only the cost of the software from the second year onwards.

While Synology did not reveal pricing for the ActiveProtect DP7400, the line is expected to provide up to 90% annual savings compared to its competitors.

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