July 15, 2024
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Target Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale: Board Games, Movies, Books & More

While Amazon Prime Day Not starting until next week, Target is hosting a killer sale on board games, movies, books, and more that you'll definitely want to check out. Through July 13, Target Circle Members You can get a third item free when you purchase two other eligible items of equal or greater value. While this offer is restricted to members, joining Target Circle is free and grants you access to free two-day shipping, plus exclusive discounts and promotions.

There are literally hundreds of eligible products included in this sale, but we've selected a few of our favorites from different categories and listed them below.

Table games

Battletech Basics

Prices taken at time of publication.

The Battletech Essentials Kit has everything you need to start playing the Battletech board game. Each box includes a pair of assembled mechs, a double-sided game map, a quick-start rules booklet, and more.

Mice and mystics

Prices taken at time of publication.

1-4 players, ages 7+

• Playing time: 60-90 minutes

Books and graphic novels

Dune Hardcover Trilogy

Prices taken at time of publication.

A stunning hardcover collection of the first three books in the Dune saga, which features an incredible cover as well as an illustrated poster inside each dust jacket.

He Deluxe hardcover version of the first book. The Dune: The Graphic Novel collection is currently on sale at Target for $27.99 (was $50). The standard version of the second book is available for $13.99 (was $24.99). The third volume won't be released until July 16, but is currently available. Available for pre-order for $25.99.

The illustrated version of the Lord of the Rings The illustrated edition includes 30 colour illustrations, plus removable maps and sketches detailing Frodo's journey and the general geography of Middle-earth. You can currently purchase a copy at Aim for only $38.99 (was $74.99).

Faux leather bound pocket case includes The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy is also on sale at Aim for $34.99 (previously $59.99).


Starship Troopers (25th Anniversary)

Prices taken at time of publication.

The 25th anniversary edition of Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi satire Starship Troopers It has been re-released in 4K UHD formats, with a steel case with exclusive cover art.

The Warriors

Prices taken at time of publication.

The raw New York odyssey of Walter Hill The Warriors It has been remastered for 4K UHD formats and comes with a collector's edition package. Do you like it?

Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Prices taken at time of publication.

The cyberpunk classic anime from 1995 Ghost in the shell is now available in 4K UHD formats and comes packaged in a collector's edition steelbook.


Prices taken at time of publication.

Without a doubt the most quotable film in the Alien franchise, James Cameron's classic 1986 action-horror film. Extraterrestrials Now available as a 4K Blu-ray.

video games

Dragon's Dogma 2 Standard Edition

Prices taken at time of publication.

Capcom's open-world fantasy RPG Dragon's Dogma 2 offers spectacular views, a huge world to explore, and monsters to kill. It's dangerous to go alone, but Dragon's Dogma 2 It also features a unique take on cooperative play by allowing you to recruit characters that other players have created, turning them into NPCs.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Standard Edition

Prices taken at time of publication.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth It is based on the basis of Final Fantasy VII Remaketaking Cloud Strife and the rest of his crew beyond Midgar to regions filled with new minigames and quests, some of which were not present in the original 1997 version.

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