July 17, 2024
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The Armed Squirrel's Weapons Guide: An Overview of the Squirrel's Arsenal with a Gun

The wait is almost over. Coming to Xbox Series X|S this fall, squirrel with a gun is the crazy puzzle platformer shooter you didn't know you needed. And joining the squirrel revolution has never been easier with this handy weapons training guide. Your first mission is to get a weapon. Use your valuable acorns to unlock new weapons found around the world or steal one from an enemy agent. But be careful with your ammo: if you run out of ammo, look for a reloading circle or keep the automatic reloading tool that you can find around the world to get you out of a bind.

Be sure to test your skill with all 7 types of weapons. Each offers a unique advantage in combat and platforming.

Squirrel with… 9mm gun

Squirrel with a gun Screenshot

The 9mm semi-automatic pistol will be the first weapon available to you. It is a classic for eliminating enemies one by one or boosting jumps in the air up to 4 times. Pro Tip: Fingers tired from all that shooting? Perform a takedown and watch the Squirrel unload the entire magazine for you.

Squirrel with… SMG

Screenshot of Squirrel with Gun

The SMG deals less damage than the pistol, but its fully automatic function helps take down enemies quickly. Emptying the entire magazine during a mid-air jump acts as a makeshift jetpack to propel you to those hard-to-reach places. A great choice to go hunting for acorns. Pro Tip: Use this trick to reach the roof of the haunted house and grab the golden acorn from the chimney.

Squirrel with… shotgun

Squirrel with a gun Screenshot

The double-barreled shotgun excels in close combat, causing a ragdoll effect that offers epic takedown opportunities. Use its powerful recoil for long distance travel. Pro Tip: Equip the shotgun while driving your RC car to propel your car to top speed.

Squirrel with a… six-shooter

Squirrel with a gun Screenshot

For the cow squirrel wannabe, grab a six-shooter for an especially flashy takedown. Fire all 6 shots to boost your jump. Pro Tip: Earn your own squirrel hat by finding Wild Will and using the six-shooter to complete a secret objective for him.

Squirrel with… grenade launcher

Squirrel with a gun Screenshot

A much more powerful six-shooter, the grenade launcher masters crowd control and explosive firefights. But be careful with its short range and difficult aim. The weapon's jump fires downwards, launching you far but dealing significant damage. Pro Tip: You'll need to dress appropriately to resist explosive damage. Find the bomb suit in a secret underground cave.

Squirrel with… rocket launcher

Squirrel with a gun Screenshot

For the arsenal expert, grab a rocket launcher to take down large enemies or handle groups of agents. Like the grenade launcher, save the weapon's jump for when you're wearing a blast-resistant suit. Pro Tip: When an enemy fires a rocket at you, try to ride it towards them.

Squirrel with… sniper rifle

Squirrel with a gun Screenshot

Position yourself at a strategic point with the semi-automatic sniper rifle to eliminate enemies from long range. Even the sniper rifle performs an epic takedown of enemies even if they are far away. When on platforms, use the sniper gun jump to get extreme vertical boost. His powerful counterpunch can even knock down nearby baddies. Pro Tip: Defeat a certain boss from above by finding the sniper rifle on the scaffolding and aiming for the weak spots.

Choose your weapon wisely and when you don't have a weapon on hand, try to be creative. Throw a grenade, brick, bottle, soccer ball, cake or whatever you can get your hands on to defeat the enemy and win those nuts at any cost.

Squirrel With a Gun is coming to Xbox this fall! Wishlist now available Xbox Series X|S. For more information about squirrel with a gun and visit of Maximum Entertainment www.SquirrelWithAGun.com follow @QuiteDan on X (formerly Twitter) and @MaximumEntmt on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, instagramand Discord.

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