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The best winter science experiments

Winter is a great time of year to try some Science at homeIce and snow-themed experiments don't require any special materials, look great, and if you can do them outside, they're virtually mess-free!

I have put together a collection of what we believe to be the The best winter science experiments for kids. Including a free checklist you can download at the end of the post.

My Free eBook on Winter Science It's a great place to start with easy to follow instructions for five Winter scientific research.

The best winter science experiments for kids

Snow Volcano

First there is a snow volcanoThese are super easy to make. Gather snow around a bottle and add water, food coloring, dish soap (dishwashing liquid) and baking soda. Try making different colored lava using food coloring and experiment to find the best fizzy recipe!

Baking soda volcano made in snow

Research on ice and salt

Melting ice is always fun and very easy to prepare.

Younger children often enjoy ice excavationsand Experiments with ice and salt They are ideal for older children.

Ice research works well in summer as a Outdoor scientific activity And in winter, when it's icy outside, too!

Image of a giant ice cube with salt on the surface to speed up the melting process.

How to make a frozen bubble

It takes a lot of time to make a frozen bubble, but it's worth a try if there's a cold snap. Fireflies and mud pies I'll show you how it's done.

Frozen bubble resting on a tree branch

Frost in a can

This ice and salt investigation with a can is wonderfully visual. It's even more fun if you turn the can into a frozen snowmanThe frost quickly pops out of the can, making this a great science demonstration for the classroom!

A can decorated as a snowman with black marker and orange paper for a nose. Frost has formed on the outside of the can, which is filled with water, ice, and salt.

How do polar animals stay warm?

Find out how Polar bears and penguins stay warm in extreme temperatures Using lard! Be careful with this activity because ice water can get very cold.

A container with ice water, a block of lard and a rubber glove for an experiment with polar animals

Another activity linked to polar animals is this 'Why don't penguins freeze?Activity using wax crayons to show how a penguin's waxy feathers help it stay dry.

Four penguins on paper colored with wax crayon and markers to show how penguins stay dry. The penguin colored with wax crayon has water visible on the surface. The water has been absorbed into the other types of markers.

Snowman Catapult

Popsicle stick catapults are easy to make and provide lots of research opportunities. Make different sized catapults and investigate to see how far different objects fly. We made a Snowman themed catapultbut you can change the theme for any topic or time of year.

Snowman catapult made from popsicle sticks and rubber bands

Ice decorations

Ice decorations They are lovely to hang on a tree in winter. Fill them with nature elements or even small plastic toys.

Children can then observe how the decoration changes during the day or when the outside temperature increases.

Ice Decorations: Part of a collection of the best winter science experiments for kids.

Fake Snow

Fake Snow It's great for all kinds of sensory play and activities. I made three different types, so try them out and pick your favorite.

Sensory Snow Ideas

Lifting ice with a rope

Freeze some water, put the ice in a bowl and pour some water over it. Place the thread on the surface of the ice and sprinkle it with salt. Let it sit for a few minutes and then try to carefully lift the thread. How many ice cubes can you lift with a rope?.

Two colorful star ice cubes hanging from a string

Winter Print and Play Science Pack

My Winter-Themed Print-and-Play Science Experiment Pack Contains five simple paper science activities, including bouncing snowflakes, penguin shadow puppets, and a water drop maze.

I also have many Winter STEM Challenges Maybe you'd like to try it.

The Ultimate Winter Science Experiment Checklist!

Download my winter science experiments checklist and try them all!

The image shows a collection of winter science activities for kids. It includes frozen bubbles, a snow volcano, frost in a can, a snowman catapult and ice digging.

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