July 14, 2024
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Science And Technology

The blackest wind – The poetry of science

Dark rivers of wind flow –
carrying illuminated by the stars
to dense regions
with breaking tides.
Gravitational puffs
untangling threads of stars
of the intermediates,
tied tightly
galactic hearts.
The echoes of the saber shake,
His silenced power
deeply etched
in the void
and light.

This poem is inspired by recent researchwhich has discovered that dense, swirling winds help supermassive black holes grow.

Understanding how galaxies grow and change, especially in their core regions around supermassive black holes, is a key question in astronomy. One way galaxies might manage this growth is by blowing gas out of their cores using strong winds. However, scientists are not sure what exactly causes these winds. They may be driven by jets, mechanical forces, radiation, or magnetic processes. In some galaxies, the cores are so dense and dark that they hide growing supermassive black holes or intense star-forming activities. These hidden cores, called obscured compact cores, are found in about 30% of the brightest infrared galaxies.

In a recent study, scientists examined a galaxy known as ESO 320-G030, which is a very bright infrared galaxy with a dense, hidden core and a large molecular wind. Using detailed observations from the ALMA telescope, they observed specific molecules in this galaxy. They found that the wind in ESO 320-G030 is not caused by star formation or the active activity of a black hole. Rather, it appears to be driven by magnetic processes. This finding suggests that the way galaxies grow and develop their core regions could be similar to how stars form, using gravitational forces to create these winds. This means that galaxies can partially control their own growth without the need for external influences, providing new insights into how galaxies evolve.

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