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The Gingerbread Man's Scientific Experiments

in the history of The Gingerbread Man an old woman bakes gingerbread men. One comes to life and runs away. Finally, he meets a fox who tricks him into climbing on its nose to cross a river. Then they eat the poor gingerbread man!

I have some Gingerbread Man Science Experiments to share today, which fit wonderfully with the book and could be adapted from Early Years to Key Stage 2 (4-11). In the first experiment, gingerbread cookies are placed in different substances to see how they change over time. You can also build a boat or bridge to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river, make gingerbread play dough, or make gingerbread cookies!

If you prefer to work with printable instructions, you might like my Fairy Tale STEM Challenge Cards or the River crossing activity.

What happens to gingerbread cookies in different substances?

This research is great for encouraging children to get started thinking scientifically, in addition to taking advantage of current knowledge to make predictions.

The idea is that gingerbread men cookies are placed in different substances to see how they change over time.

You will need to

Small gingerbread men cookies

Cooking oil






Measuring cylinder

Image of a gingerbread man with cookie, vinegar and oil.

gingerbread man experiment Instructions

  • First, ask the children what they think could happen to each gingerbread man.

Questions to ask

How do you think gingerbread men will change? in each substance?

Do you think the gingerbread men will get bigger or smaller?

Do you think gingerbread men will change color?

  • Place the gingerbread men in separate bowls or trays.
  • Measure the same amount of each substance you want to test and pour it over different gingerbread men.
  • Make observations every 10 minutes and write them down in a table.
Gingerbread experiment for kids - gingerbread cookies in milk, water, oil and vinegar - science for kids

We find that the gingerbread Man in oil changed the least, and the gingerbread man in water changed the most. This one lost most of its color and became very soft.

gingerbread man science - gingerbread man in oil - science for kids
Gingerbread man science experiment - gingerbread man in water

Another way to do this activity is to place the cookies in small plastic cups containing approximately 50 ml of each liquid and record how long it takes for each one to collapse into the glass.

Gingerbread cookies in different liquids for a science experiment

More Gingerbread Man Science Experiments

Build a bridge for the gingerbread man

Stop the Gingerbread Man from taking a ride on the fox building a bridge. Paper, craft sticks, and straws are great materials for building bridges.

Gingerbread Man Bridge Made with Craft Sticks for a Book-Themed STEM Challenge

Build a boat for the Gingerbread Man

Instead of a bridge, build a boat or raft for the Gingerbread Man. Remember, it must float and be able to support the weight of a gingerbread man.

Stick Raft Floating in Water for a Gingerbread Man Science Activity

Baking gingerbread men

Try baking gingerbread men with different ingredients. Find out what happens if you add extra baking soda, baking powder, all-purpose or self-raising flour. Try to predict how adding different ingredients will change the appearance of the gingerbread men.

A house for the gingerbread man

Design and build a Gingerbread house for The Gingerbread Man. Try testing different sticky substances (icing sugar, marshmallow fluff, or glucose syrup) to see which sticks best.

If you enjoyed these science experiments, you'll love my collection of Science experiments from fairy tales. and Fairytale STEM Challenges.

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