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The Work of the Hierarchy – TPS – Spanish

Today we are immersed in a powerful flow of cosmic, solar and planetary Energy, caused by the alignment between Sirius, the Sun and the Earth, at the same time that the New Moon* occurs in Cancer: we dedicate these notes to the work of the Hierarchy, in honor of the fact that Sirius, Sun of Suns, according to the indications of the Trans-Himalayan esoteric Teaching, is the Cosmic Logos whose Star is the seat of the Prototype of our Planetary hierarchy of Teachers.

Let us add one more observation about the firmament: today we also observe the alignment between the Sun and Canopus, the brightest star after Sirius, in the constellation of Argo Navis (the Argo ship): according to tradition, the star is precisely the Helmsman of the mythical celestial ship that guides the heroes (the Argonauts) on their journey of spiritual search. The mystery of the guide radiates from Canopus.

It would be unwise to send a ship without a rudder. But the Pilot is predestined and the creation of the heart will not rush into the abyss. Like milestones on a luminous path, the Brothers of Humanity, always alert, are on guard, ready to lead the traveler on the chain of ascension… (1)

Let us be accompanied by a wish: Only then can you become a “Sky Walker” who treads the winds above the waves, and whose step does not touch the waters.
Before you set foot on the top rung of the ladder, the ladder of mystical sounds, you have to listen to the voice of your inner God in seven ways.
(…) (2)

So, on this date propitious to honor the loving Guides, the Elder Brothers, let us resolve to imprint in our hearts some of the cornerstones of their work: we will be concise and we will concentrate on the work of the hierarchy, because you can find more extensive indications in the document published in these pages, The hierarchywhich gives the references – origin, organization, etc. – distributed throughout all the texts of the Teaching.

Let's start with two cornerstones:

  • The Hierarchy is a synthesis of Energies that fight for planetary evolution.

In the Triad he composes with Shamballa (the Agent of Extraplanetary Purpose/Head Center/Will/1street Ray) and with Humanity (Throat Center/Creative Intelligence/3Third Ray) represents precisely the Agent of the Evolutionary Planthe Heart Center, the expression of divine Love, the 2North Dakota Ray.

  • The Hierarchy of our planetary scheme is connected with the solar Hierarchy and all cosmic Hierarchies.

In particular, a current of energy coming from Sirius, entering the planetary Hierarchy, brings with it the principle of buddhi or cosmic love, that principle which is found, like electric fire, in the heart of every atom.

The Hierarchy guides evolution according to the laws of the cosmic Magnet.

For the third pillar, we will use citation texts, for the sake of clarity and rigor, extracting them especially from Initiation, Human and Solar (3), which describes hierarchical work by articulating it in four directions:

  • 1) Develop self-awareness in all beings.

“(…) This is brought about in man chiefly by his initial work of fusing the three higher aspects of spirit with the four lower; by the example which he sets of service, sacrifice and renunciation; and by the constant streams of light (understood in an occult sense) which emanate from him. The Hierarchy may be regarded as the aggregate on our planet of the forces of the fifth kingdom of nature. This kingdom is entered by the full development and control of the fifth principle of mind, and its transmutation into wisdom, which is literally intelligence applied to all states through the full conscious utilization of the faculty of discriminating love.” (pp. 20-21)

  • 2) Develop consciousness in the three lower realms.

All kingdoms of nature – mineral, vegetable, animal, human and spiritual – embody some type of consciousness, “(…) and it is the work of the Hierarchy to develop these types to perfection by the adjustment of karma, by the intervention of force and by the provision of right conditions. (…)”. (p. 21)

In it mineral kingdom The work of the Hierarchy is directed towards the development of discriminative and selective activity, aimed at the construction of forms, manifesting in an elemental way the third divine aspect of activity.

In it vegetal kingdomTo the faculty of discrimination is added the faculty of response to sensation, manifesting, although in an embryonic way, the second aspect of divinity.

In it animal Kingdom Activity and feeling are increased, and symptoms (if it may be so inadequately expressed) of the first divine aspect, will and purpose, are found expressed as hereditary instincts.

Man is the macrocosm of the three lower kingdoms, for in him these three lines of development are synthesized: “(…) He is truly and truly intelligence, active and marvelously manifested; He is incipient love and wisdom, although they are still only the goal of his effort; and he has that embryonic, dynamic, initiating will, which will reach a fuller development after having entered the fifth kingdom.

In the fifth realm, the consciousness to be developed is that of a group, and this is manifested in the full flowering of the faculty of love-wisdom. (…)

The fostering of the various attributes of divinity, the nurturing of the seed of self-awareness in all beings, is the “The work of those Entities who have achieved their objective, who have entered the fifth kingdom and who have there made Their great decision, and that inconceivable renunciation which leads them to remain within the planetary scheme, and thus cooperate with the plans of the Planetary Logos on the physical plane.” (pp. 22-23)

  • 3) Transmit the Will of the Planetary Logos

The Hierarchy acts “as the transmitter of the will of the Planetary Logos to men and to the devas or angels, and through Him, of that of the Solar Logos. (…) One of the great realizations that comes to those who enter the fifth kingdom is that of the particular type of force that our own Planetary Logos embodies. (…)” (p. 23)

  • 4) Set an example for humanity

“The fourth thing that men need to know and understand as a basic fact is that this Hierarchy is composed of those who have triumphed over matter and who have reached the goal by the same steps that individuals follow today. (…) These Elder Brothers of the race have each and every suffered the crucifixion of the personal self and know that absolute renunciation of all which is the lot of every aspirant at this time. (…) They are capable of a love that triumphs over all reverses, because it is founded on patience and experience. (…) These Elder Brothers of humanity are characterized by a love that endures and always acts for the good of the group; for one thing knowledge which has been earned through millennia of lives, in which They have worked Their way from the bottom of life and evolution to almost the top; (…) by a aim which is enlightened and intelligent, and which is cooperative, adjusting to the group and hierarchical plan and thus fitting in with the purpose of the Planetary Logos; and finally they are distinguished by a knowledge of the power of sound. (…) Knowing the plan so well and having a clear and enlightened vision, they can bend His will resolutely and unwaveringly to the great work of creation through the power of sound. (…)

“When the four facts here enumerated have been realized by men and established as recognized truths in the consciousness of the race, then may we look forward to the return of that cycle of peace, rest, and righteousness which is foretold in all the Scriptures of the world. Then will the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings, and the peace which passeth all understanding will reign in the hearts of men.” (pp. 24-25)

These last words augur a world in which the sound of the Mystery of Hierarchical Guidance, the Call of the Masters of the Common Good, will awaken powerful echoes in the hearts of the One Humanity. Along the path of search, in which the recognition of this Presence touches the heart as a truth, we are sustained by faith, the idea of ​​brotherhood, the intimate resonance with the hierarchical vision, the sense of responsibility and beauty in the effort to cooperate with Them, and the impetus towards the Infinite: the Teachings tell us that among the main objectives of the Executors of the Plan is “(…) to establish a magnetic centre in the universe, in which the human kingdom and the kingdom of souls, united or in harmony, will be the point of most intense power, and which will serve the Lives developed within the radius of the radiation of the One of whom nothing can be said. (…)” (4)

To conclude, we quote two passages from Hierarchy, From the Agni Yoga collection:

(…) They will ask: “On what is the Fortress of Brotherhood built?” Answer: “On the doctrine of the heart, the doctrine of work, the doctrine of beauty, the doctrine of evolution, the doctrine of tension, the most vital doctrine.”
We are devotees of the Infinite. Where all-embracing effort cannot penetrate, the Brothers of Humanity do not assert their manifestation. We flood space with the flow of evolution.
(…) (§ 1)

Therefore, every spirit must understand the Hierarchy as the Protector of humanity. This is how evolution is built and creativity is ardently affirmed. This is how the law is affirmed; only thus does life become imbued with the great power of unity. This is how life is created. (§ 235)

By adopting the hierarchical perspective, we are overcome with a deep sense of gratitude.


* In the cyclical meditative work that follows the celestial Energies, this New Moon marks the deep internalization of the Light received at the first previous Full Moon in Cancer (June 22), which will be followed by the second on July 21.
(1) Agni Yoga Series, Hierarchy, Introduction
(2) HP Blavatsky, The voice of silence
(3) AA Bailey, Initiation, Human and Solar
(4) AA Bailey, Esoteric Psychology II, p. 217

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