July 15, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA
Solar System

This week around the world: China accidentally launches a rocket, Russia is reprimanded by the UN for satellite interference and much more…

  Here you can make a donation to help refugees and victims of the war in Ukraine 

…and here is a place where you can donate to help the children of Afghanistan, trapped under the Taliban.


 Podcast selection:

221: The Queens of Heaven with Professor Tauris — Spacepod (listentospacepod.com)

From the video store:

Sonic booms visible during Falcon Heavy launch:

Liftoff! SpaceX launches next-generation US spy satellites from California:

H3 launches ALOS-4 (Daichi-4):

Satellites monitor 'extremely dangerous' Hurricane Beryl hitting Carriacou island (video) | Space:

China's Shenzhou-18 crew prepares for second spacewalk, conducts experiments:

Firefly Aerospace launches 8 cubesats into orbit in the fifth launch in history | Space:

Chinese rocket static fire test causes unintended launch, huge explosion – SpaceNews:

Reading material:

The moss that can survive in Martian conditions

Increasingly feasible in-orbit servicing has a tough road to market – SpaceNews

Eumetsat moves weather satellite from Ariane 6 to Falcon 9 – SpaceNews

Prize winner wants to detect asteroids coming from the Sun – SpaceNews

Space Station Now Has Incredibly Fast Internet – Universe Today

Watch the sun rage behind the International Space Station in an epic slow-motion photo | Space

UN rebukes Russia for alleged satellite interference (msn.com)

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