July 17, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA
Solar System

This week, out in the world: Japan's SLIM lunar lander is recovered, Sierra-Nevada's Dreamchaser spaceplane is unveiled, and more…

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Sierra Space unveils Dream Chaser spaceplane ahead of first flight to ISS | Space

Capture of the NG-20 SS Patricia Hilliard Robertson Cygnus

Rocket Lab launches 4 satellites and recovers propellants from the sea | Space

Near-Earth Asteroid 2024 BJ

SpaceX completes Starlink doubleheader with launches from Florida and California

Virgin Galactic customer Ron Rosano's civil spaceflight experience (usatoday.com)

Reading material:

Japan: Slim lunar lander returns to life and resumes its mission... …then takes final photos before going dormant (photos) | Space

Starlab commercial space station to launch on Starship – SpaceNews

Missing Lockheed Martin satellite to fall back to Earth next month – SpaceNews

Exotrail develops space tug to carry small satellites to geostationary orbit – SpaceNews

Space Force Guardian will reach orbit for the first time in SpaceX's Crew-9 astronaut launch | Space

Asteroid Ryugu contained extra comet particles – Universe Today

Should we send humans to Mars? – Universe today

How did life begin on Earth? Atmospheric haze could have been the key – Universe Today

Asteroid Ryugu contained extra comet particles – Universe Today

Space debris will be a problem for Vera Rubin – Universe Today

Northrop Grumman Orbital Refueling Port Selected for US Military Satellites – SpaceNews

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