July 18, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA
Solar System

This week, outside the world: China's space plane does military things in space, a private space debris inspection probe gets up close and personal with a derelict object in orbit, and much more…

  This is where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims. 

…and here is (a) place where you can donate to help the children in Afghanistan, trapped under the Taliban regime.


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From the video store:

A private space debris inspection probe closely detects a discarded rocket in orbit (photo) (msn.com)

Boeing Starliner astronauts talk to NASA leaders from the space station:

ROCKET CAMERA! Launch of the ULA Atlas V Boeing Starliner:

China's secret space plane conducts close proximity operations with small spacecraft – SpaceNews


ALSEP: Anonymous Apollo Experiments (REDUX):

Space for everyone? Agnikul Cosmos tries to make it a reality. #shorts (youtube.com)

Reading material:

Private lunar lander Odysseus reveals what 'technosignatures' of Earth aliens could see | Space

'Cataclysmic' collision of giant asteroids discovered on nearby star (msn.com)

'We thought it was impossible:' Frozen water is discovered on Mars near the Red Planet's equator | Space

ESA and Vast will study cooperation on future commercial space stations – SpaceNews

The Scout space telescope will travel on the ABL rocket – SpaceNews

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