July 18, 2024
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Troubleshoot Windows with Reliability Monitor – Computerworld

The same approach works for update checkers of many types. (I prefer to update manually or use an update tool like Microsoft Winget Package Manager in PowerShell or at the command prompt). It turns out that Reliability Monitor is a great tool for detecting and stopping updaters that one may have tried but failed to block via the Startup tab in Task Manager. I've used it to detect updaters for Intel Driver & Support Assistant, CCleaner, MiniTool Partition Wizard, anti-malware packages, Office add-ins, Java, and many other things. In many of these cases, I decided to remove them (uninstalling them or renaming their .exe files) because (a) I didn't need or use them and (b) I wanted to eliminate a source of Windows errors.

Recently, I also found myself faced with a “black screen with cursor”on a Lenovo ThinkPad P16. Using two keyboard sequences (Win key + Ctrl + Shift + B to reset the graphics driver, then Ctrl + Alt + Del to access the Windows “master control menu”), I regained control of the PC. A quick trip to Reliability Monitor showed me an error with this telltale string in the bucket ID information: “CreateBlackScreenLiveDump.” That's a clear indication that something went wrong with the graphics driver, as is the system recovery after I entered the “reset graphics” key combination. I ended up going back to the previous NVIDIA graphics driver to fix the issue.

Where ReliMon is least useful

Sometimes you will find that the error sources are applications that you need or want to run, or they originate from operating system components and executables. Uninstalling this type of thing is not an option and may not only be unproductive but may also render the operating system inoperable. When that kind of thing shows up, and it happens a lot, all you can do is report the problem via the Microsoft Feedback Center, include the Reliability Monitor details as an attachment, and hope Microsoft fixes whatever is broken. soon as possible. .

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